Office Lighting takes good Care of your Workplace Productivity

The overall appearance and vibe of the workplace are given tremendous importance by companies from across the globe. This is because psychological studies have proven that the surrounding of an employee can either enhance his efficiency or degrade it. This has led to companies becoming conscious about the type of workplace atmosphere they offer to their employees. Apart from comfortable seating and attractive interiors, the office lighting plays an integral part in making or breaking the mood of the workplace. Also, the overall feeling of well-being can transform at simply the flick of a switch. This means that it can improve the energy, mood, productivity, as well as alertness. It has been proven that lighting can be helpful in decreasing depression. With no such personal obstacle, the employee can work with uninterrupted dedication.

According to a study conducted by the American Society of Interior Design, 68 percent of employees have a complaint regarding the office lighting. This gives us an idea that lighting is not just about personal choice, but it is also hinder workplace productivity. Ideally speaking, a company must design its office which provides lighting that helps employees to create, think, and also collaborate. Apart from this, lack of sufficient light might cause to the eyes as well. Another important point to keep in mind is that by adding a few bulbs in the office do not solve the problem. There should be a balance between artificial light and natural light as both have distinct purposes to fulfill.

Ways to boost productivity through office lighting

It has been observed that the level of cortisol which is commonly known as ‘stress hormones’ drops down considerably under the constant influence of artificial light. Therefore the individual remains stressed which reduces the body’s ability to stabilize energy levels. The only solution to this is the use of natural light. It is practically inconvenient to expect offices to run solely on natural light. Nothing provides satisfaction to the employee like windows or any other such inlet of natural light. An adequate supply of natural light can reduce absenteeism as employees feel healthy and look forward to coming to the office. One has to make sure that opening of the blinds does not result in a glare on the computer screen.

Even though natural light is the best source of office lighting, artificial light has its own perks. It provides indirect lighting which reduces glares and can mimic the natural light according to the preference of the user. Instead of placing task lights at every desk, set up a lamp of a higher voltage at a certain distance from the desk. This will enable less energy consumption as one source of light will serve a number of people at the same time. Along with this, it avoids the strain caused to the employee due to the excessive white light produced by a desk lamp.

In order to strike a balance between the natural light and artificial light, place the lamps parallel to the windows. Try to keep the blinds open in the office as long as the sun sets. With the help of these changes, the employers will notice how office lighting boosts productivity and lightens the mood.

Diana Coker
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