Office Meditation: Nail It For Profound Brainpower!

The furtive to office meditation is not essentially finding a perfect Zen ambience or having total seclusion. Unless one has a private office or is able to shut off the phone and put a flashing ‘Do not disturb’ sign on the door, chances of dealing with recurrent commotion is high. The paradox is, this can actually work as a benefit for office meditators.

Office meditation techniques can be slithered discreetly into the workday routine with short intervals. Furthermore, a minute or two of silence in each hour can make an insightful drive towards peace of mind in daily life.

Why should you meditate at office?

There is a tributary of latest research about the benefits of meditation and other mindful breathing exercises. Extended hours at work, frantic timetables, meticulous meetings and arduous jobs can create havoc for an office executive’s health and well-being. Meditation at office for an executive can prove a great stress buster and provide instant recreation. In addition to, it enhances energy, assists with focus, lessens anxiety, increases flexibility and significantly enhances brainpower.

Meditation At Office

Not everyone delves in the power of meditation. But when applies, the big obstacle is making meditation fit into the office schedule. The office is in reality an ideal place to meditate particularly because of the benefits of meditation.

Work is probably one of the major causes of stress for office executives. Furthermore, they are also a victim to it. A stressed out, unhappy executive is not a productive one. Leaders can offset the negative and make the office a more serene, inventive and productive place with the upshot and influence of office meditation practice solely. This need not be a big time commitment, 10 to 15 minutes each day is ample or even a couple of minutes can be valuable. The key is to obligate to doing something, which is otherwise not successful.

Surprisingly we have listed an array of meditation practices that are mindful yet fun and highly beneficial. Furthermore these are zap meditations that will rebound your energy and brainpower as equal to a coffee shot.

Om Chanting Meditation

Use ‘Om’ as an office meditation chant. The word Om is a scientifically proven to increase human vibrations and bring profound mental peace. Give in to the vibration as you chant it. One can also chant this mantra mentally.

Focus Meditation

This is kind of a body scanning practice which is great for meditation at office. Eyes may be open or close. The object of focus here is the sensation in various parts of the body. One can begin with the feet and work a way upward or the other way round. Relax into the sensations of the body part you are focusing. Surprisingly, you will notice sensations you may have never observed before and also a deep relaxation.

Observe the thoughts and emotions if and when the mind drifts. Then, get back to the body part in focus.

Inner Smile Meditation

Inner Smile meditation is used in Buddhist and Taoist circles. Close your eyes and smile at the forehead in the same way as you would smile to another person. This may not feel authentic primarily. However with practice, the ability to do this will expand. Then again, smile at your jaw and feel it rest. Recur the process for other parts of the body.

Ujjayi Breath

Ujjayi Pranayama is a breathing exercise from Yoga that has profound relaxing effects to the mind and body. This is great practice for insomnia problems that office executives generally face. This pranayama nurtures the brain and prepares the mind and body for deep meditation. This breathing practice can become an office meditation technique in itself with the focus being on the breath. As in other office meditations, check on thoughts as the mind wanders.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Begin with breathing through the nose. Visualize the abdomen as a balloon. Whilst inhaling, you should feel like the balloon is pushing out in all directions. Specifically the spine in back of the navel, into your groin and toward the rib cage. Let this balloon fill complete and then exhale deeply. If you encounter difficulty breathing this way, then focus on completely vacating the lungs while exhaling. The next inhale will logically get deeper. Factually, if one makes diaphragmatic breathing a normal breathing habit, he or she will reap brilliant results. It will also make all these other meditation techniques easier.

Social Meditation

The act of being genuinely present with others can be an office meditation technique in itself. With open eyes, simply take few diaphragmatic breaths or just take note of the way you’re breathing. Then defocus the eyes on nothing in particular. Now the eyes are feeling inside the body inside while looking in the outward surroundings. Feel the people you are mingling with or who just happen to be close by. Observe how the breath is affected in any given circumstance. Further observe all thoughts and emotions that happen. Ultimately, get disconnected from the thoughts and just observe them passing smoothly in the mind and then out through the mind.

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