Office Pantry Essentials for the Employee’s Convenience

Considering the amount of time an employee spends in the office, it is not wrong to say that it is like a second home for most of the working community. For this reason, the workplace requires a well-equipped pantry. It is important to provide essential provisions to the employee as hunger is something which cannot be ignored. Also, nobody can work efficiently on an empty stomach. Hence the company needs to make sure that certain equipment is provided in the office pantry for the employee’s convenience.

Office Pantry Essentials

Source of caffeine

Caffeine is an essential factor to enhance work productivity. This is in accordance with the fact that certain people are unable to function properly unless they have caffeine in their system. For this reason, an electric kettle and a coffee machine are essential in the office pantry. This would make caffeine accessible to the employees without the need of ordering tea and coffee from a café. One can simply walk into the pantry and pour himself a cup of tea or coffee whenever the need arises.

Along with this, there should be enough milk in the refrigerator which does not run out. Also, tea bags of different variety should be available keeping in mind the needs of the people. The coffee machine must be stocked with coffee beans on a regular basis. A jar of sugar can be placed beside such equipment for better accessibility.

Microwave oven

A majority of the working class prefer carrying their lunch from home instead of hogging on outside food every day. But a major drawback of carrying food from home is that one prepares it early in the morning or the previous night. By the time the lunch hour approaches, the food doesn’t seem fresh and is not pleasing to eat. In order to avoid this, a microwave oven is a great solution. One can simply heat his lunch within a minute and it is as fresh as it was when made. Certain microwave safe containers must be provided in order to avoid any mishaps in the office pantry. Even leftover food from the previous meeting can be re-used by heating it up and consuming it the other day. This can avoid wastage as well.


Long-lasting snacks

It is important to have non-perishable snacks in the office pantry to subside those hunger pangs that arise during various times of the day. Cookies, wafers, snack bars are an ideal choice for a mid-morning snack or something to accompany the tea. Especially for employees pulling an all-nighter, it is a great way to keep them awake by providing something to munch upon. Ready-to-use meals which one can consume on simply adding hot water are also a good option.

Well-stocked refrigerator in the office pantry

Apart for hot beverages like tea and coffee, there are times when an employee requires something to boost his energy level. Chilled juices, aerated water or energy drinks should be available in the refrigerator for easy access by the employees. Fruits should also be available as it is a healthy option in substitute to the junk food and is also filling at the same time.

Disposable crockery

Usually, people carry food in a container from home or order from an eatery but its consumption is a messy process. In order to avoid this, availability of disposable crockery like paper plates, plastic cups and spoons, etc. in the office pantry is necessary. This can also prove to be handy during celebrations held in the workplace.

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