Office Thanksgiving Party Ideas

Here at The HR Digest we love that the Thanksgiving holiday gives us one more reason to express our gratitude in both our personal and professional lives. There are many ways to show your generosity of spirit this Thanksgiving season. Plan the perfect office thanksgiving party with these ideas!

Thanksgiving cannot be imagined without turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and pumpkin piece. At the same time, it is a holiday with great symbolism, and many Thanksgiving games are played on this day. You can celebrate Thanksgiving Day at your office with equal joy as you do it at home. You just need a few ideas to make this day special. 

Here are 5 Office Thanksgiving Party Ideas to Bring the Festive Spirit!

Thanksgiving is a holiday that reminds us to be thankful and appreciative of what we have in our lives. Therefore, it presents the perfect opportunity to encourage your coworkers to appreciate one another. Here we present your most effective office Thanksgiving party ideas that you can apply in your workspace. Let’s start. 

office thanksgiving party ideas how to celebrate

1. Office foods

We all know that turkey and cranberry sauce is the main ingredient of the Thanksgiving lunch or dinner but what happens when you are at your office and when you cannot organize this kind of serving? 

It is easy to use other foods. 

You can always serve ham and cheese or you can bake a pie that will stand out from the rest of the foods. Each employee can bring their favorite pie, and the table will be full of variety. 

By encouraging your employees to bring their own food, you will bring out the team spirit that is necessary for Thanksgiving day. 

2. Office games 

You can organize office games for employees and this can be huge fun for each worker. Organize contents in making a turkey toy with paper and decoration and watch the magic happen. 

Each person can make their own turkey and you can share these creations on social media for the voting to begin. People will be amused by this kind of competition and you can pronounce the winners in the end. 

There are also other games that you can play with your co-workers and these games are there to make the team spirit more stable and to create a stronger bond between the workers. 

3. Office decoration 

Office decoration on Thanksgiving day can be very interesting and creative. You can apply a few decorative techniques to make the place more beautiful. You can always put the words like “thanks” and “giving” around the place, or you can place scented candles around the room. 

The office decoration can include turkeys made out of wood or paper, and these small creations can be used for the competition that we mentioned above. 

4. Gifts and “special thanks” 

Encourage your co-workers to create some significant gifts for each other as this will be a small contribution to the overall work they do together. 

You must not break the bank by making these gifts and these could be small gifts that are made at home. You can wrap up a homemade soap, or you can make your own Thanksgiving card that you can give to a coworker. 

A hand-made gift will always be better than something you can buy in a shop. People will recognize your effort and they will be thankful for your decision to create the gift in a more personalized manner. 

5. Have a “Thank you” wall 

One of the best ways to wake up the team spirit among the colleagues is to have a “Thank you” wall. On this wall, they can sum up their experience and say “thank you” to the colleague for their recent work and dedication. This is incredibly important for the employees who spend their time at the office because they all need appreciation for the work they do. 

As you can see, there are endless ways to celebrate Thanksgiving at your office, and these office Thanksgiving party ideas will stay in the memory of your workers for a long time. 

It is enough to show some creativity, and a good atmosphere will be created easily. Enjoy your Thanksgiving day with your colleagues as well as you do with your family members. Everyone deserves attention on this special day.

What are your plans for the office Thanksgiving celebration this year? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below.

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