How to Overcome Self Doubt to be Successful at Workplace?

Lies are always looked down up upon, and certainly, it is not a good habit too. There are different kinds of lies that we say at some or the other point in life. There are lies we may say to save someone, or we say a white lie which may seem innocent. Let’s face it, we all have for once in our lifetimes, said at least one lie. But do you know which the most harmful lie is? Self-lie! You can also call it Self Doubt. You may not believe it, or you may not even realize that you are a victim of self-doubt. But it does more harm than the temporary mental satisfaction derived from the self-validation of something going haywire or something wrong.

Self doubt is something you keep telling to yourself for more than one reasons. Surely, it may give you a temporary, nothing-is-wrong feeling. But what will happen when realization strikes at the most crucial moment? What if you are not able to handle the hammering blow that comes directly to you upon reality hitting the self doubt? Well, it is really advisable to start accepting the truths rather than becoming a victim and an addict to self lies and the temporary bubble of satisfaction surrounding it.

Self Doubt is Worth Breaking Away From

Self Doubt


We are not toys or fictional characters who are perfect in everything they do. We are humans and expecting something out of the world is simply a foolish thing to do. It is okay to feel that we are unworthy of some things at certain times.

But what is not ok? It is not ok to let yourself down by constantly reminding that you are not good enough or intelligent enough or anything enough. Just push yourself to your maximum limits and you will see that you can achieve so much; the day you stop making yourself believe that you are unworthy.

Things Won’t Happen

So when you say this to yourself ask yourself if you are an astrologer or something. To be honest, how can you say it with confidence that something is not going to happen without even starting to do it? There is no wrong in trying, and it is definitely better than a self doubt like things won’t happen. Yes, things won’t happen only in one situation- When you don’t try to make it happen.

I cannot do It

Unless it is saving the world with a red cape on, there is not something that you can’t do it if you really want to. If Elon Musk can dream of taking humanity to Mars; if Mark Zuckerberg can create Facebook; then the normal tasks of everyday life are certainly doable.

Do Not Shame Yourself

By saying such self lies you are doing nothing but drowning deeper into the pool of self shame. Why to use words or self doubt that de-motivate you instead of uplifting your potential? Such self doubt fetters the skills and talent within you.

Also, on the other side do not become a victim of self lies like I am more than enough, I am the most important person or giving lame reasons to avoid doing things. This will make you a lazy, self-centered, and an arrogant individual.

Why is this important in the workplace and leadership aspect? Well, because one, if you keep self shamming for things, you will never be able to prove your worth, talent, abilities, and knowledge at workplace. Secondly, no one, we repeat, no one likes to work with an arrogant, self-immersed person.

So, both the ways self doubt are a big no-no. Start accepting reality in your head before reality forces you to accept it.

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