How Pareto’s 80-20 Principle Can Help You Land Your Dream Job

Whether unemployed or working somewhere, we all have our dream jobs that we wish to work for once in a lifetime. Setting foot in the workplace everyday with a smile, sipping coffee, chirping around with colleagues, and giving in your best for the ultimate productive outcome – all this feels like a dream job, doesn’t it? But do you think your dream job will come up to you on its own? Or, will it appear like a bubble of magic from out of nowhere? No, that’s not happening anytime. You will have to take the reins for this wish and search jobs on your own. By the way, a simple cover letter or resume won’t work. There is much that you will have to do. It is a long ordeal but at the end of it sitting at the desk of your dream job makes the efforts less painful.

Your Dream Job requires a Strategy

prioritize your job search to land that dream job

Certainly, a current job, family responsibilities, and social necessities take up most of your time. Such responsibilities and commitments can push your job search to the side, like an unused decor piece at home. It makes you wonder if you will ever be able to start a proper search.

But then, as mentioned above, unless you put in efforts the dream is never going to come true. The best strategy to search jobs is to prioritize your search. Know how a new-born needs utmost attention? Well, you need to prioritize your job search in that way.

Pareto’s 80-20 Principle

Definitely, your social and family responsibilities are priorities. We don’t even want you to leave everything like a saint going to the Himalayas for just a job search. All we are saying is that prioritize this search and modulate a routine accordingly.

Here comes the usage of Pareto’s 80-20 principle which some of you may be unaware of. Vilfredo Pareto, an Italian economist gave us this 80-20 principle almost 120 years back. It states that 20 percent of your efforts can produce 80 percent of your results and outputs. If you follow this principle, you have to simply put in 20 percent of your time and efforts on a priority basis to land that dream job of yours.

Aspects that require your 20 percent

Online platforms, social networks, resumes, there is so much that goes while searching for that ‘perfect’ job. But out of all these factors which are the important ones requiring 20 percent the most? Have a look-

Research for Employers

It is always a two-way thing. Just how employers filter resumes and candidates before finalizing an employee, you have equal rights to research and filter out potential employers. Select the ones you want to work for and then move towards the next steps.

Filter out your Search

Internet is a blessing for our generation as we have widespread options available for job hunt sites. Beware. Do not get lured by the illusionary description of job profiles. This is going to take up a whole lot of time but trust us; once you are sorted things will become clearer.

When you are searching your dream job, keep things to the point. What are your preferred job timings? Which is your preferred work-space location? Who is your preferred employer? What is your job profile? What perks are you specifically looking for? Which system of working is comfortable for you? Ask, ask, and ask yourself these questions until you clear your head of all other lucrative options. Once you decide definite interests, searching for those specific ones will become easier.

Filter your job search like you filter your coffee...

Customize your Resume

Now that you are aware about your specifications, you are not going to send resumes to every other employer. So you can even customize your resume according to different employers. A more customized approach portrays you as a better candidate. This also increases your personal touch while saving you from the black hole of resume avoidance.

Commit this to your mind - a different approach for every different employer.

Make your Networking Game Strong

A profile just on LinkedIn won’t teleport you to your dream job. You have to boost up your social networking game. By social networking we don’t mean just the online platforms. Yes, it also includes one-on-one connections. Whenever you are out for social gatherings it won’t harm if you have a 5-minute session with that industry expert. Such talks can help you create strong contacts via different people. Also, use job hunt platforms and social media platforms other than LinkedIn. These days, Facebook and Twitter are equally important to connect with potential employers through their online profiles and pages.

Well, once you prioritize your job search, the day won’t be far when you will be working at that dream job, happy about all the efforts you put-in for it. Always remember that every small step counts.

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