Paul Wolfe, SVP And HR At Indeed On How To Create A Positive Work Culture

The importance of having a positive work culture can never be overestimated. Employees are a company’s most important assets. Ensuring that they feel valued and are happy, is crucial for every company. However, creating a positive workplace culture where employees can thrive and work to their full potential, is a daunting task and requires continuous efforts from everyone involved in leadership.

The HR Digest talked with Paul Wolfe, SVP and HR at Indeed about how HR managers and employers can create a positive work culture in their company which nurtures and inspires employees and gives everyone the space to develop.

The HR Digest – What steps can employers/managers take to create a positive work culture where employees can share their concerns with their teams or managers without hesitation?

Paul Wolfe: At Indeed, we emphasize the importance of employee recognition and demonstrating pride in our team members. By reinforcing employees’ value to the team, we find that this, in turn, leads them to take pride in our company. A human-centric approach creates a company culture that puts workers first. Employees are more likely to trust (and feel trusted by) companies that recognize their value. Companies with high degrees of worker trust consistently outperform in terms of productivity, innovation, and retention. Happier employees also contribute to positive company culture.

Additionally, we think it is important for managers to set up regular one-on-one meetings with their team members. One-on-one meetings may be the best way to build effective communication and share sensitive information between managers and employees. Articulating your ideas and listening carefully to each other helps encourage honest exchanges and productive collaboration.

Paul Wolfe - SVP and HR at Indeed

The HR Digest – Can you tell us what policies are in place at Indeed to ensure employee wellness?

Paul Wolfe: Indeed’s Open PTO policy is successful. Essentially, employees can take any number of vacation or sick days. Open PTO builds trust and gives our employees a chance to recharge. We find well-rested employees happier and more productive.

In addition to a comprehensive benefits package, Indeed’s paid parental leave programs are designed to give families the support they need for the first months of a baby’s life and reassure that Indeed values employees’ lives outside the office. Primary caregivers are given 16 weeks of paid leave, and secondary caregivers are given 6 weeks of paid leave. Upon returning to work, parents are given the option of a ‘transitional schedule’ to adjust to their new lifestyle.

Indeed also places an emphasis on fitness/nutrition with employees. Our larger offices have onsite gym facilities free to all employees. We also have the Indeed Wellness Program designed for healthy living, which provides reimbursement for healthy activities and gym memberships available to all employees.

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