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The youth, always geared up for excitement, tend to like working spaces that do not follow the old-school and traditional work environment. It is important to change with the times. Things worked differently back then, but it does not mean they should remain the same. We work to earn but who says earning money needs to be a painful task when you could actually make it fun and light. We bring to you a list of coolest coworking spaces that makes work exciting rather than painful.


Fueled Collective, NYC


As situated on the top floor, it shows the amazing view of the lower Manhattan. The co-working place has companies like Thrillist, Foursquare, and Zocdoc. Located on the top floor of the 568 Broadway, it houses over 30 exciting startups. You shall find a collection of plush leather couches, swanky conference rooms, and ice-cream parlors. Who knew work could be this fun! If you feel that you have worked too much and need a break, they also conduct ping pong tournaments at the workplace. Known for its “killer” snack bar, this place seems just the place for young, enthusiastic and spirited workers.

Hubud, (Bali, Indonesia)

Hubud 2 coolest coworking spaces

Bali, the perfect tropical place to be in! What more do you need when you have rice fields and a volcano right in front of your eyes. The Bamboo office is said to have the best WiFi in Bali. So apart from the view, this is another thing that makes this place so cool. Think of all the videos you could watch with no buffering or the movies you could download in minutes or maybe even seconds. They also provide organic coffee to their workers! We all talk about work but let’s not be the dull Jack. Yoga and adventure sports also happen here which makes work and health both a priority. To all the health freaks, you shall also have your green juices and healthy grubs served to you.

WeWork (New York)

WeWork coolest coworking spaces

Based in New York, this place opens arms to startups, entrepreneurs, small companies as well as freelancers. The floors are filled with highly energetic entrepreneurs. The outdoor patio brings a certain amount of “cool” element that makes it the perfect place to work in the morning and then network at nights. The office also houses video games and brainstorming rooms. Both are built to bring employees from different companies get acquainted. It has a coffee lounge that easily converts into a space for beer and wine during the happy hour.

The weekly bagel-and-mimosa parties is when the WeWorkers come together and pitch in ideas for the other startups which could be implemented to make business better. The video-gaming room helps people take out their frustration and return to work feeling light. This office seems just like the one we need because it kills two birds with one arrow. The work aspect is taken care of and the weekly parties help people meet new people and discuss various possibilities on innumerable issues.

So, there is it! A curated list of coolest coworking spaces! Have you discovered a coworking space that’s much more than a shared office space? Drop your recommendations in a comment below.

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