Persuasive Sentence Starters to be More Persuasive at Work

An average person will have 20 to 50 major arguments at work. These arguments are far from the usual encounters which begin or end with accusations, rolling eyes, screaming, and liberal use of expletives.

A bad argument at work is often the result of failure to communicate the underlying message more ‘persuasively.’ We might expect that there might be a school and college courses on how to be more persuasive at work to get things done.

persuasive sentence starters be more persuasive at work

Using persuasive sentence starters is something that can help you speak with more authority and conviction and can certainly help you be more persuasive at work

In most cases, the art of persuasion requires communicating with flair. This requires more than just speaking with confidence and providing facts and research. For the unfamiliar, persuasive sentence starters is an area you should definitely check into. Use of persuasive sentence starters can result in you getting favorable results more quickly.

List of Persuasive Sentence Starters

With the use of right persuasive sentence starters in the English language, you can learn a lot about what your critic is thinking. Not only can you present your idea but also get people to rally behind them. While this sounds like a mere list, it’s definitely something that can help you speak with more authority and conviction and can certainly help you be more persuasive at work.


I believe that… I recommend… I feel extremely confident that… I am concerned about… Although not everyone will agree, I want to… It’s clear that… I strongly believe that… It will be an advantage… It is easy to see why… Current opinion suggests that…


It contradicts… Without a doubt… It has been claimed that…however… It seems to be that… [X] draws our attention to the fact that…

We hope this list of persuasive sentence starters in English languages help you improve your game plan and be more persuasive at work.

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