Creating A Pet Friendly Office Will Do Good To You

pet friendly office

That’s the most trending employee benefit that pet-loving employees are asking for: A pet friendly office. An office that allows your cute little fluffy friends to come with you and experience the work environment.

If you are a pet owner, you might be aware how pets act as morale boosters and stress relievers. The very idea of bringing their dogs to work can be a huge relief for employees who worry about leaving their four-legged furry friend at home. They are always worrying about what they would be doing alone and are rushing to home as soon as the clock strikes 6.

Here are some benefits that a pet friendly office brings to the company and its employees:

Better work-life balance

As employees are allowed to bring their dogs to work, they are less worried about leaving them alone at home. This seems to be more important when they have a young puppy or a senior dog that needs much more care and affection. Plus, employees will be more willing to stay at work for longer hours as they do not have to rush to let their dog out.

Improves team building

The presence of a pet enhances employee relationships, as pet-lovers will surely bond better with their common love for dogs. The positive vibe that comes along with the pet will facilitate conversations among co-workers. Such common interest establishes trust among colleagues that can be great when they need to work as a team. Also, after a while, pets will also get used to their new play room and will make new friends.

Acts as a stress reliever

If you have ever stroked a dog, you will know that it acts as an instant stress reliever. Study also proves that pampering dogs or cats can lower your blood pressure and thus depress stress. So whenever you are worried about meeting that deadline or reporting to your boss, your dog may help you get it done, nah, but surely help you in soothing down. You can get more things done when you are calm and composed opposed to when you are stressed and worried about the deadline.

Boosts creativity

 A walk can boost creativity by 60% as compared to sitting. Yeah, but how is that related to a pet? Well, if you are bringing your dog at work, you need to take him for a walk during the lunch hours instead of having lunch at your desk. So that will increase employee creativity and bring some fresh and innovative ideas and inspiration.

Employees will take lesser leaves

If employees are working at a pet friendly office, they won’t be taking paw-ternity leave to care for their pets. Plus, study shows that pets somehow prove to be a good investment for people’s health, so lesser sick days. This will help the company in getting work done on time and may also provide higher employee retention as the pet-loving employees will stick around if they are allowed to bring their fluffy friends at work.

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