A Piece of Advice On How To Look Presentable At Work

We are often vocal about the fact that one’s outer appearance must not influence the perception people have about him. This idea seems appealing in theory but when it comes to practical life, whether we like it or not, things don’t work this way. External appearance has a major impact on the impression one has of you as a professional and also the kind of personality you wish to carry. Apart from this, be it your colleagues or the clients you deal with, everyone is bound to judge your efficiency from the way you carry yourself. This gives a clearer idea about the importance of looking presentable at work.

5 Tips To Look Presentable At Work

1.     Shop smart, don’t splurge

It has been drilled into our heads that if we want to look good, we need to put aside an impressive budget to go shopping for branded clothes. It is a common misconception that only expensive clothes can make you look good. Even if you buy the best of brands but you don’t know how to wear them right, you will fail to look presentable at work. One must know where to spend money and where to save. It is necessary to own well-fitted trousers as they accentuate the look of any outfit. To go with this, an unbranded shirt which compliments your body style can be paired. When the sale season kicks in, stock up your wardrobe with apparel for the entire year.

2.     Pick a style which compliments your body

In the urge to follow the latest fashion trend, we miss out on giving importance to the kind of clothes which complement our body shape. Another drawback of blindly following the trend is that everyone is dressed in a similar manner. If you want people to notice your fashion sense, make sure you stand out. Create your personal style which reflects you as an individual. When it comes to fashion, being the black sheep always works.

Look Presentable at work

External appearance has a major impact on the impression one has of you.

3.     Understand the acceptable dress code for your industry

You see your friend wearing a particular outfit to work and you wish to dress up in the same manner. Before doing so, you need to make sure whether that outfit is acceptable in the industry you work for or not. There is a thin line between standing out and being the odd one out. It is a safer option to avoid the latter one.

4.     Do your hair right

As we are busy paying attention to what we wear, we fail to pay attention to personal grooming. You may be wearing a designer business suit which goes with your personality but an out-of-bed hairdo will absolutely ruin your look. Messy hair may be a popular fashion statement but it is not something you can go to work in. Even dripping wet hair is a strict no-no. It signifies that you didn’t manage your time well which led to coming to work in such a haphazard manner.

5.     Wear crisp clothes

Whatever outfit you choose to wear, it needs to be ironed wear. Wearing crumpled clothes is the height of unacceptable behavior at the workplace. When you walk into the office, you must look fresh and energized. For this, crisp clothes are an absolute must. Such revitalized attire makes you look presentable at work.

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