Productivity Check for Professionals Working from Home During Leave

Working from home can be awesome for some while disaster for others. You can be easily distracted when you are working from home, for instance, your dog keeps licking your face or chooses to pee on your laptop, or your pokey neighbor keeps distracting you while you try to work sitting in your garden in hope for working in peace with a bit of solitude.

Distractions are a part of our life, while in office, our coworkers, sometimes, pose a major threat by keeping us from getting work done by dropping by our desk for inviting us for lunch, normal chit chat, or doing something very distracting like poking index finger in their nose while sitting across your cubicle making you feel gross. On the other hand, when we decide on working from home, we become our own worst foe; this is because when we are not surrounded by our coworkers, we feel liberated to drop pesky restraints as no one is watching us. Due to this feeling, we don’t feel the same obligation of pressure to get the work done, which results in numerous other distractions like wasting time on Facebook, Wattpad, Twitter, Reddit, and more.

Productivity Check for Professionals Working

In modern time, working from home once in a while is an ultimate luxury, which our respective employees can afford for us, the contemporary professionals. Working from home is all good, but it is very crucial to keep in check with time, it is very easy to get distracted resulting in motivation lose, which further leads to loss in productivity. So, how can you find productivity in your home where you are being subjected to various distractions? How can you complete your task laced with productivity from your home turned office?

Below mentioned are three awesome methods to ensure your productivity, stay motivated and focused while working from home.

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#Take Breaks during Fixed Intervals

Frequent breaks may help in improving productivity and ensuring motivation, but they also have potentials to transform themselves into a distracting prospective. So, instead of taking frequent breaks, consider taking breaks during a fixed interval. Assign yourself a goal to finish before taking the interval, this will ensure that your work is done into time while boosting your motivation. Set an alarm during your work time for allocated interval and resist all kinds of distractions for that specific time span.

#Say No to Social Media

You do not use social media during office hours while working from office in order to prevent yourself from embarrassment, which you might have to go through if your coworker finds you going through your best friend’s embarrassing pictures being notified on your feed, or in a fear that your bosses might not appreciate your ‘social media’ extra-curricular during work hours. Such consciousness keeps you in check and you successfully finish your task while you work from office. Make yourself feel the same consciousness while you work from home, fear that someone might find you wasting your time on social media, instead of feeling like a king and doing whatever you want during work hours. This way you will be able to concentrate on your task ensuring higher productivity level because you’ll spend your time in your work related research rather than wasting your time on good for nothing social media distractions.

#Fix a Decent Workspace

It’s alright if you do not have your own study at home. Find a small space, corner, table, or chair where you can continue your work without any botherations. When you decide a place, stay determined to accomplish only work-related tasks in that specific workspace. Don’t decide for something highly comfortable, for instance, your couch or bed as workspace, because there are higher chances of failures and you may end up feeling sleepy if your backside has found a convenient spot. For better results get a comfortable table and chair, coffee table should be fine. Find a workspace, which is decent and can ensure distraction-free working hours, instead of ending up at a convenient place for comfort.

Maintaining these clear outlines will help you to stay focused and ensure better productivity while you are working from home.

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