Pluses and Minuses of Having Multiple Jobs

If you are a millennial, you are probably having multiple jobs to make the ends meet. Having more than one job is common among twenty-somethings as they need to pay off debt and save some cash. After all, you need more money to pay off all the debt that you took for college and have to pay the bills.

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So if you are not already having more than one job and are considering getting a second job, here we will discuss some of the pros and cons of having multiple jobs.

The Pluses:

  • Financial security is the top concern when taking another job. So along with more jobs, comes more money. You need more money to deal with all the bills and be financially independent.
  • You can get a wide range of experience when you are working at different positions simultaneously. Working at different places with varied culture may help you get more experience on how to deal with your corporate life.
  • You would develop some extra skills that can brighten up your resume for your future career. You can add all the skills that you have gained through those multiple jobs, it will add an extra edge to your resume and increase your chances of getting hired in the future.
  • You can save some money either for emergency or for something that you want to buy or invest in. You can also consider to start saving for retirement. I know it’s too early to save for retirement, but you’ll have more money when you retire, so earlier, the better.
  • Make your professional network bigger and more diverse by making new friends and connections. After all, it’s who you know that will decide your career growth.
  • You can take multiple part-time jobs instead of taking a full-time job and that may offer you more flexibility at your job.
  • You can experience different workplace cultures as you would be a part of more than one organization at a time.
  • If something happens to one job, you still have another job that will help you pay the bills.

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The Minuses:

  • If a single job is stressful, you do not want another job that would add up to that stress. In such a situation, sticking to one single job is more beneficial.
  • More responsibilities can decrease your productivity and thereby be affecting your performance. The more you work, the less productive you get.
  • After you are done with all of your working hours, you would hardly have some time for yourself. The only “me” time that you will have is on the weekends.
  • Causes work-life imbalance. You need to rush to another job, once you are done with one job.
  • If you are moonlighting and your employer comes to know about it, it may cost you your job or may irritate the employer and cause workplace issues.
  • Scattering your resources by working multiple jobs.

If you want all the benefits of having multiple jobs but are not willing to take a second job, you can negotiate for a higher salary with your current employer or work overtime. And with the US jobless claims dropping to 209,000 in the week ended July 6, it’s going to become even easier for millennials to negotiate their way to a competitive position.

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