Job Hopping is not Career Suicide Anymore

Traditionally, job hopping i.e. changing jobs frequently for new opportunities is frowned upon but looks like that’s going to change. Baby boomers preferred sticking to the same job for like 30 years and then get the pension or live on their retirement savings for the rest of their lives. But millennials are more likely to change jobs within a few years for further advancement of their career. They are not going to stick to a company more than 8 years, let alone 30 something years.

job hopping

Young professionals often search for new opportunities once they feel like their current organization has no scope for their growth or are stuck in a career rut. There can be several reasons for hopping jobs but some of the common reasons include workplace issues, lack of opportunities, or for higher pay. Whatever the reason might be, you should know the pros of job hopping.

Pros of job hopping:

  • You get diverse experience as you work for different companies, which in turn may enhance your skills. Different companies have different cultures and all of them work differently, so working in varied cultures may provide you with a guide on how to be a cultural fit for any kind of organization. This might help you throughout your entire career path, and is not limited to a single organization.
  • You become more resourceful as you gain more information from different employers. Your experience may teach you how to make use of your knowledge and resources.
  • You can move up in salary quickly if you compare to the increment that you get if you are stuck with the same company. If you want frequent salary bumps, hopping may get you there while sticking to one company might not. In today’s job market, being loyal to the company by staying there for more than a decade doesn’t really pay off. You should considering moving on instead of sticking to the same position for years.
  • You have a large network as you interact with different people and have certainly made more professional contacts than the ones who have stuck with the same company. And when the need arises, you may take advantage of your vast professional network by getting a recommendation letter.

At the end of the day, it is all about your happiness and work-life balance. If you are happy at your job and have sufficient career growth, there’s no need to look for a new job. But if you are not satisfied with your job, hopping is not considered as career suicide anymore. So, go ahead, start your job search, apply for various positions, and give your best in the interview. You will soon be offered a job that would be far better than your current one and will lead to job satisfaction. Don’t stop looking until you find the right fit, choices are endless. But, once you find the job that feels right, don’t leave it for some other crappy job.

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Diana Coker
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