Q & A With Jane: A lasting impact on the interviewer by asking this question

Hi Jane,

I work in the IT sector, and currently, I’m looking for a job which will suit my professional expectations. In the last few weeks, I have emailed my resume to a number of recruiters as well as companies. I’m expecting an interview call from them soon. I want to be fully prepared for the interview. I am an introvert and having a one-to-one conversation with an authority makes me jittery. Due to my lack of confidence, I end up saying something which I should not. This reduces my chances of being hired even though I possess the capabilities necessary for the given job profile.

To avoid any such faux pas, I am preparing what I will say in the interview before hand. As I have faced interviews in the past, I have a fair idea of the kind of questions asked in my field. But technical answers are something which the other shortlisted candidates will also answer well. Usually, towards the end of the interview, the interviewer asks the candidate if he has any question in mind. This is when I get spell bound because I don’t know what to say. I get conscious as my question will form an opinion about me in the mind of my potential employer, be it negative or positive. Please tell me what kind of question I should ask in order to make a lasting impact on the interviewer.


It is important to create a good impression on the interviewer.


It is normal to be nervous during an interview. If one is well prepared about how to answer in an interview, it helps in calming down the nerves. There is always anticipation when one does not know what to expect in a given situation. This is when preparation comes in handy. Another factor to be kept in mind is that technical questions related to the field are asked only to test the knowledge of the interviewee about the field. Apart from this, the interviewer uses different tactics to understand the personality and the mindset of the candidate.

Towards the end of the interview, the interviewer asks the candidate if he has anything in mind which he would like to ask. At such a time, try to say something which portrays your professionalism and dedication towards the company. The best question to ask is, “What does success look like in this job role?” Asking such a question gives the interviewer the impression that you are an ambitious person who believes in growing on the professional front. Not only this, but the interviewer also gets an idea that the candidate wants to be associated with the company on a permanent basis and will work hard for its development. Such a question will create a positive impact on the interviewer and will also give the impression that you are confident about your efficiency. Hope you do well.

Jane Harper
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  1. Sharon Campbell says:

    The way how you accept compliments at work is also an art. It shows a greater deal to the opposite person about your personality. Always be polite and handle compliments gracefully. That’s the mantra I follow. Good article BTW. 🙂

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