Q & A with Jane: How to Maintain a Cordial Behavior at the Workplace

Hi Jane,

I began working in the corporate sector as soon as I got my degree from college. I have been working for the past 4 years and have worked for various companies. I’m very particular about my work efficiency and try to maintain its quality in a consistent manner. Apart from this, I try to be regular in my presence and also am punctual. My employers have never had any complaints until now.

Even though I complete my work on time and abide by the workplace rules, I don’t have many friends in the office. I have been working in this company for almost seven months now but still I only have relations in which people formally greet me. Even when there is a certain discussion taking place in the office apart from work, I am never included in it. This makes me feel left out and I am gradually losing the will to attend office. There is nothing to look forward to except for the monotonous work routine. I am unable to understand why people don’t like interacting with me on a personal level. Please tell me how I should make myself a part of the office group as I would like hanging out with my colleagues some time in an informal manner.


Tips to maintain a cordial behavior at the workplace.


It is a common practice in workplaces these days that the people working together become friends and prefer catching up outside the office as well on weekends or whenever free. This is because having a friendly rapport with the colleagues makes working in synchronization easier. Also, man is a social animal and tends to have friendly acquaintances wherever he goes. Therefore it comes as a surprise that even though you have spent so much time in this particular company, you haven’t developed any personal relations with your colleagues yet.

It is important to note that you can’t simply expect others to come and initiate a conversation with you. It’s a two-way process. Therefore analyze your own personal behavior and then work on it accordingly. Some people have a habit of being absolutely engrossed in their work which is good for their efficiency. But once in a while during lunch or tea breaks, try to strike a conversation with your colleagues apart from the regular greetings. You can talk about a common work project or any popular current affair topic. This will show them that you are interested in talking to them. While doing so, maintain an eye contact with a pleasant smile.

I understand that you are particular about your punctuality. But there is no harm in leaving the office a few minutes late. This is the time when everyone is done with their work and is in a mood to unwind. You can interact with your office peers at such a time and develop a rapport with them. Even during office celebrations, try to enjoy the occasion with the people around you instead of simply standing in the corner of the room. But make sure that your friendly behavior doesn’t come in the way of your professionalism.

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