Q&A With Jane: How Do I Ask My Boss For A Pay Raise?

A Reader Writes:

Hi, I work as a deputy operations manager in a multinational company with over 700 employees. Our division consists of 40 team members, all assigned to different tasks. I have 10 members in my team. Not to brag, but I’m a very efficient and a hard-working employee. I’m known to finish my tasks before the deadline. I’ve always managed to remain in the good books of my boss, who also happens to be our senior operations manager. I’m at the time of the year when I’m expecting my increment.

I’ve been working with this company since last six years and I’ve always got my pay raise on time. However, this time, it’s late. Four months have passed by since my potential increment date, but I haven’t received any news on the subject so far. I have no idea how long to wait for pay raise. Money was not much of an issue as my company pays me well. I know they’ll hike my salary soon, but for the time being, I’m in a serious trouble. My husband left his job two months back to concentrate on his writing career. As a well-earning wife, I supported his decision because our savings and my possible increment could’ve been a great help for some time.

Recently, we invested our savings in our new apartment, hoping that my increment would manage everything. Now I’m left in a situation where I’ve got neither any increment nor savings. My husband is planning to rejoin his job. I don’t want him to give up on his dream. Can you suggest me how to ask for pay raise? I don’t want to come out as a desperate employee in front of my boss, but I’m in dire need of a hike. HELP ME!


Asking for a pay raise, especially when you’re at a managerial level can be an absolute nerve-racking feeling to encounter. Sure, you cannot just barge in your senior manager’s office demanding a pay raise, but well, you definitely need to talk to him/her about your situation. I would suggest that you should sit down for a while with your boss and drop a hint about your expected increment. If they take a cue from your hints, it’s good. If they don’t, do not panic. Give the matter a rest for two-three days and politely address your entire situation to your boss again. Do not argue with your boss on why you deserve a pay hike. If you’re proficient in your task like you mentioned above, your boss would be aware of the fact very well. There’s a possibility that they might’ve forgotten to offer you a hike, however, in big companies like yours, it’s rarely the case, but such possibilities do exist. Usually, employers seem to delay the increment either due to the incompetence of the employee or ignorance about the hike. So, like I suggested, talk to your boss and wait for some time. In case, you still don’t get one, I would suggest you talk to your HR department about the matter and take actions accordingly.

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