Hi Jane,

I am an IT professional who last worked at a company which developed app software. I was a part of their technical team for more than three years but I didn’t see myself growing. For me, growing is not just financial. The company offered 8-10 percent raise every year due to my consistent performance. Despite this, I felt like I was stagnant at that position and wasn’t progressing. This is when I decided to take the plunge as if I preferred a secure job, I would never move forward in life. In my resignation letter, I stated that my goals in life are way different than the company’s, therefore, I want to discontinue. They gracefully accepted my resignation and I bid adieu to the company on a good note. Since then, I am frantically looking for a better opportunity.

I have been applying to numerous companies and also appeared for three interviews in the past two weeks. I interviewed for these companies as I see great scope for growth at these places. I’d rather wait for a good opportunity than compromise as I had financially planned my move before resigning. But unfortunately, none of these companies have called back for a second round of interviews or group discussion. This is making me restless with each passing day. According to me, the interview went really well as I have enough knowledge about my field and also carried myself gracefully. I don’t want to call and inquire about it as it might make me seem desperate. Could you please tell me that why haven’t I received a call back yet?


I understand that growth is important to you and you took the decision of resigning with an adequate amount of savings to feed you for a long time, but it is wiser to first grab a better job and then resign from the current one. Through this, you need not knock on the door of each company as you are employed. Also, employment tends to make you compromise on your expectations. Thus if you think of doing something similar in future, please make sure you have an offer letter before you hand over a resignation letter.

As you have been in the field for a while, I’m sure you are aware of how things work due to which you are confident about your interviews. Making a list of the preferable companies is a smart move. But there is no harm in appearing for interviews in other companies as you have nothing to do anyway.  Who knows the company might negotiate according to your expectations after recognizing your potential.

The main reason behind an interviewer not calling you back is that you have not been selected. Interviewers usually do so to avoid any follow-up questions by the candidate on facing rejection. Another reason might be that your salary expectations surpass their budget for the post. It is important to note that after the interview, send a formal follow-up mail thanking them for their precious time. There have been cases when candidates were rejected as they didn’t have the basic courtesy to follow up. There may be a possibility that the delay in the call back is because the company is taking the time to recruit the right candidate. Call the HR of the company and ask them for a clear answer. This will spare you the anxiety. Good luck!

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