Q&A with Jane: How to Hire Millennial Employees for a Technical job

Hi Jane,

I am the team leader of the software department of a company which offers financial services to its clients. As the name of the department suggests, our team consists of engineers and people who hold expertise in handling complex statistical software programs. With the trend to hire millennial employees gaining popularity, our company also aims to recruit such young minds. The main reason behind this is that technology is a field which gets updated every single day. There might be a new software program coming up almost every day which we might not be aware of. This is why we require millennials as a part of our team.

But the job expectations of such millennial workers are very different. They expect an open atmosphere at the workplace with flexible timings and brightly decorated offices. Our company does not offer such liberties which have made it an unfavorable choice for the young candidates. In order to recruit certain people, I can’t change the basic principles of our workplace as it will be unfair to the rest of the employees. As we cater to clients on a personal basis, there is a certain decorum we need to maintain in terms of our dress code and behavioral conduct. Please help me as to how I must approach a millennial candidate to convince him to work for our company.

Hire millennial employees

Millennial employees are very selective while picking a company to work for.


The trend of recruiting millennial workers is prevalent in almost all industries currently. As your work is based on technological advancements, it is essential for you to hire millennial employees as it will save you the time and effort that will be spent on research about such innovative software programs which the millennial would already be aware of. As job opportunities are on the rise and so is the demand for millennial candidates, the youth has become extremely selective in picking the company they’ll work for.

Such a candidate needs to understand that every workplace has a definite set of rules one needs to follow. These rules usually depend on the workplace culture as well as the services the company provides. If the candidate does not agree with this, then it is better if you let him go. Such an employee might create trouble in near future. To avoid any such fiasco, explain the work style of the company to the candidate in the interview itself and give him valid reasons for the same. Sti, l if you have a difficulty in attaining millennial workers; try to tie up with colleges that guarantee job placements. Through this, you can hire millennial employees with impressive credentials and such candidates will cater to your expectations as well.

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