Q&A with Jane: Why are you not getting the Appraisal you expected

Hi Jane,

I work as a software engineer at a company which handles a number of e-commerce websites. We are a big team led by a highly efficient manager. While accepting this job, I had asked the interviewer if there is a yearly financial appraisal at work. I was answered saying that there is no such system but a person is promoted on the basis of his work efficiency. If someone is highly efficient, he might receive an appraisal every six months as well. This motivated me to work hard day and night so that I can progress rapidly.

It’s been more than one and a half years since I have been working here but I don’t see any growth professionally as well as financially. I put in long hours working, am extremely punctual, only take leave when I fall sick, complete my work on time, still I’m unable to understand that why did my promotion get passed on.

Even when there is a technical emergency, I stay back in the office till it gets resolved or try to solve it from home at odd hours of the night. After being so dedicated to my job, it is disappointing to know that your company doesn’t value your services. I thought of quitting but I have a wife and two children to feed. This scenario has discouraged me greatly due to which my work productivity is getting affected. I don’t know how to deal with this situation. I’m unsure if I should broach the subject with my manager or not in case he misinterprets my intentions. I’m not here only for the money but money is definitely one of the major factors. Please guide me about what to do in such a situation.

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It is important to broach the subject of appraisal to your manager.


Not receiving a promotion feels like a rejection which affects the employee emotionally as well as mentally. It is common for people to lose their will to work at such a time. But I would suggest you that try not to take any drastic step such as leaving your job because of it. I understand that everyone is here to climb the ‘ladder of success’ but failure is also a learning experience. Try not to be disheartened but instead evaluate your drawbacks and try to work upon them.

The best way to start with it is by consulting your manager. He is the one who appraises your professional performance thus he is the best person to clarify your doubts. Politely ask him about it and also add that you are open to feedback so that you can improve your performance. I’m sure he’ll give you a valid justification and if he doesn’t, then maybe you can start looking for another job.

Also, at times it might happen that we think that we are highly efficient at our jobs but the manager’s perspective of viewing it is different. You might be sincere towards your job roles but the company expects much more. It doesn’t just want you to be good at what you do. They might be waiting for you to get better before offering a promotion to you. Consult your manager about this and I’m sure he’ll guide you through it. I hope you get the appraisal soon which you are eagerly waiting for. Good luck.

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