Q&A With Jane: My Pay Raise Does Not Match My Job Role!

A Reader Writes : Pay Raise Does Not Match My Job Role

I’m an introvert. There are times when I want to address some serious issues, but I simply fail to do so. I think this is the reason my bosses have started taking me lightly. I’m a well-paid employee. I joined this company as a manager a few years ago. Now, I’ve been promoted to the post of a senior manager. It has been a month since I got my promotion. Following the hike in my job role, I was expecting my pay raise as per my position, but my company has offered a minimal hike. This is not acceptable at all. I need to negotiate for salary.

I’ve been willing to clearly address this issue to my CEO for a while now, but I have no clue on how to discuss with him about my low pay raise. I cannot go on like this. At the position I am, I deserve more salary, which can match my position. I know we cannot discuss salaries with co-workers, but one of my colleagues too was shocked when I discussed this issue with him. I’m planning to switch the company. The only reason I’m still here is because I like working here and I’ve dedicated a good amount of time span to this company. I genuinely love the environment and people, but now I’ve started feeling like my company is taking me for granted.

Yesterday, I tried to hint my CEO about my low pay raise while we were on a call discussing an issue, but he simply laughed tossing the matter off. He told me that I’m a bachelor and I already earn a lot. According to him, I can fairly keep going without the necessity of a pay hike that would match with my senior level position. I do not expect such answers from him. Of course, I need more income, which I could add to my savings or leisure spending. After all, money is important; it doesn’t matter if I’m some janitor or a senior-level executive. Can you suggest me something?

ANSWER : Pay Raise And Job Role

Your CEO seriously needs to brush up his humor. I don’t think someone at such position would suggest something seriously lame, but considering he has, you now have to deal with it. First of all, you’ve committed a big mistake here. You’re at a higher position, surely you do keep a tab on everything, but what surprises me is that how can you forget to discuss something as important as your pay raise during the promotion? Sure, you shouldn’t count your chickens before they’re hatched, but that doesn’t mean you’ll neglect it all together.

You’re right. Salary hike as per the job role is important. What I would suggest is, instead of calling, fix a meeting with your CEO. Address him how unhappy you’re after discovering a hike, which is not as per your job role. Assure him that it may not be a big deal for him, but it’s for you because at some point it has started affecting your work and productivity. I’m sure he would understand your matter and take actions accordingly. In case, if he still doesn’t then you should consider telling him about your consideration to switching to another company politely.

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