Q&A with Jane: How To Become An HR Manager?

Workplace expert Jane Harper offers various ways in which one can become an HR Manager to carve a niche in the industry.

Hi Jane,

After finishing my Bachelor’s in Commerce, I took an academic drop for a year so that I could attain experience by working at various places. I recently attained my Master’s degree in Management but I am not looking forward to my college recruitment process because I feel that marketing is not my cup of tea. I have always been intrigued in managing people at work hence my first preference is to become an HR Manager. But I am absolutely clueless regarding how to go about it.

I have already applied at various places in the given field but have not yet received an interview call from any of them. When I called them for a follow-up, they said that there is an opening in the marketing department if I was interested. But I politely declined it. I don’t want to compromise on my field of interest even if it takes a while before a good opportunity walks in.

Also, I would like to know that what qualities an employer looks for before hiring HR personnel. In the meanwhile, I can try to inculcate some of them so that I come across as a preferable candidate to the employer. Should I make any changes in my CV according to the requirement of the job?

How To Become An HR Manager

The job of HR has evolved over the times and has become more statistical and skill-based than ever before.


The job of HR has evolved over the times and has become more statistical and skill-based than ever before. Such managers are considered strategic partners by the employers. They help in driving the overall goals of the company keeping in mind the expectations of the employees as well. The HR manager is a link between the employer and the employees so that the goals of both the sides of the company are worked upon. Approaching companies through recruitment agencies or online portals is considered the ideal way; networking is helpful in finding job openings. Attend a public HR conference to meet people of the same field and interact with them about the same. You might come across people who can help you out in the search.

As a newbie in the field, it is very rare that someone will directly offer an important position to you. By going through an internship program, you will get a clear idea of the duties and responsibilities of the position. If you prove your efficiency during your internship, the company might hire you. And even if you don’t, you will have some experience in the HR field to show on your CV.

It is necessary that a candidate’s resume must be updated every time he appears for an interview. Make necessary changes keeping in mind the qualities needed for the job as well as the expectations of the company. While appearing for an HR post, focus on your management skills and ways to deal with a crisis. Simple things like these catch the attention of the interviewer. Good luck!

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