Q&A With Jane: I Made My Boss Mad After I Started Making Fun of Him in My Drunk State



Every month our company organizes a party just to celebrate the hard work of the employees and to make them feel relaxed over drinks. In other words, to encourage coworker socializing. I work in a startup company with 50 employees. We live like a family all the time. For instance, we go to trips, movies, clubs, and festival dinners together. We are total 10 members in a team. Recently, my boss resigned and we got a new boss. I had a very cool and great relationship with my previous boss. We used to enjoy a good laugh over various things, especially when we got drunk. During our drunk office parties, we used to booze and make fun of each other. We used to laugh at people and poke them (not in an offensive manner). Our colleagues used to enjoy with us too.

It happened four days back. My new boss joined us for the office party. During work timings, he was quite cool with us so we managed to get on with him very nicely. So having that impression in mind, I invited him to join our group where we were getting drunk and enjoying a friendly banter. At first, he was enjoying with us. He sat there laughing without actually involving himself in. As soon as it was his turn, everything went downhill. I made fun of his appearance and the way he talks while others laughed. He kept quite all the while. He was angry. I asked others to keep quiet and apologized. He just stood up from his seat and walked away, leaving us all shunned. I knew right away that I have made my boss mad.

On Monday, I went to his office to apologize, but he was pissed at me. He rudely asked me to get back to my work.

I have no idea what to do. I am so confused now that I made my boss mad. Can you suggest me a way to come out of this dilemma?


Oh, well. Now, this looks like some serious trouble. You should’ve known where the boundaries lie. Even when you think your boss is too cool and funny, there’s always a thin line between respectful and disrespectful. You were in a drunken state. While it may have been okay with your previous boss, it’s not compulsory that your current boss would accept the same behavior as well. He tried to be respectful and make himself a part of the group, but that doesn’t mean you were allowed to pass comments on him.

Of course, he will be angry with you. Funny stuff is okay, but you have no right to make fun of someone’s appearance. If he made fun of others that day then the matter would have been different. But like a good boss he tried to engage in your group and you left him feeling humiliated. Not good! I would suggest you to go to his office and no matter how rude he is. Sit with him and apologize for your rude behavior. Only a straightforward talk and a serious apology can solve this issue.

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