Q&A With Jane: I’m Afraid, I Don’t Know How To Impress Interviewers!


HELP ME! I have applied for a few jobs for the first time in my life. I got sort listed by some companies and have been scheduled for interviews next week. However, I have no idea about the interview process. Also, I don’t know how to impress interviewers. My friends are asking me to keep cool. They are confident that I will get through it, but I’m scared. I don’t want to let go of this million dollar opportunity from my hands just due to some stupid mistakes. All the companies I’ve been sort listed for are high-profile MNC’s. I need to give it my best shot. Can you suggest me a few tips to impress interviewers?


There is no need to panic. You’re a fresher and I can understand your troubles, but don’t worry at all. Interviews aren’t as difficult to go through as they’re hyped. All you need to do is relax and give your best. This way, you’ll surely hit the jackpot. I would suggest you follow some brilliant steps if you want to impress interviewers.

First Step

Present yourself with grace. Dress in a professional manner. Always keep in mind, nothing provocative. Be nice and polite to your interviewers. Keep extra copies of your resume in your file. Sit straight and speak confidently. Eye contact is very important. Body language is the first thing, which creates a good impression of interviewers. If you have all the knowledge in the world yet you fail to present yourself in a proper manner, it’ll all be a waste.

Second Step

Let your interviewers know why you’re the best fit for the job. Tell them how you can benefit their organization and help them in striving for the best. Try to sell your knowledge and expertise in the best way possible. Let them know how hardworking and proficient employee you will be.

Third Step

Conduct a proper research before leaving for the interview. Basic preparation should include research work related to company’s product offerings, history, and mission story. If it’s possible, take larger steps and start searching for macro trends that are impacting the organization, the competitors, the way how competitors are working, etc. If you manage to speak confidently about the current news, it’ll display your genuine interest in the job and show that you’re perfect for the company.

Fourth Step

Thank your interviewers. Even if you think they were rude, never fail to thank them. They can be your future bosses. Who knows? Want to go ahead and take a better step? Send them a thank you note. With this note, I do not mean that you have to stuff too many things in your note. Just as a gesture to appreciate the time they’ve spent, send a single note. Make it look good, but nothing too flashy.

Not only for your first interview, but these steps can be applied in any interview you give. Presentation, knowledge, and honesty are appreciated in the interviews. Always be polite. Instead of going on bragging about your knowledge, talk sufficient, but powerful.

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