Q&A With Jane: My Boss Enjoys Sex with Coworkers And Made A Pass At Me Too

A Reader Writes:

I’ve been witnessing some serious mess going around in my office. I wasn’t aware of this issue until I faced it myself. When I discussed the matter with my colleague he told me it was nothing new. My boss has sex with coworkers in the office. This is totally unacceptable in a workplace culture. I work for a multinational company, which employs over 700 people. Usually, my boss is abroad on her business trips, but when she’s here, she orders male hookers to have sex in the office. I’ve heard that many of my co-workers jump on the bandwagon just to impress her and climb the career ladder.

My boss just arrived back from her business trip two days back.

On the very same day, I was scheduled for a meeting with her to give her detailed reports on operating profits. While I was narrating the reports to her she came around and started doing stuff making me highly uncomfortable. Somehow I managed to escape the situation as her PA informed her about her next meeting, but yesterday she called me in his office. When I went to see her, she bluntly offered me to have sex with her if I want the promotion that I’ve been looking forward to since a year. I couldn’t stand at the way she spoke so I simply made my way out.

My colleague who is in line for the promotion as I am is in good terms with her. Do you think having sex in office is acceptable, moreover, why do I need to sleep with my boss if I want a promotion? I’m a hard-working guy and I’ve always presented my tasks before deadline. Doesn’t honesty work these days? Do I have to really stoop so low to get my stuff done either by hook or crook?


NO! You should not even think about any such thing. Sex with coworkers, especially boss, is not acceptable at all. The demands made by your boss are absolutely vile. She should be the one setting good examples. Instead, she’s the one corrupting the environment. I would suggest you talk to her boldly and tell her that you’re not up for what she’s offering. Try to politely discuss how the promotion is important to you and her offer makes you feel humiliated, which in turn damages your productivity.

Even after talking, if she isn’t ready to understand then it’s the time you take the bigger step ahead. Better, talk to your senior level managers about this issue. Such matters turn out to be dangerous if left unattended. Your senior-level bosses have the right to know what is going on in the office. Even if your boss is one of the championing employees, it doesn’t give her the right to bring such disgusting and offensive behavior in workplace culture. The workplace is an environment, which is made of ethics, integrity, respect, and code of conduct, such acts are totally unacceptable in the office environment.

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