20 Questions To Ask Before Accepting The Job Offer

accepting the job offer

Questions Before Accepting Job Offer

Congratulations on landing a great job! It’s time to pop some bubbly, right? Probably all those interview tips and your perseverance has got you through all the rounds of the job interview. You are finally getting a job offer from the employer that you have been working for since long. Before accepting the job offer, have you asked all the questions that you should be asking before taking a new job? Maybe not. Do you know what you’ll be getting as a part of benefit package? No, so you have no clue what type of questions to ask before taking a job, do you?

Ask Questions before Accepting A Job

If not, we are here to help you on what to ask and when to ask them in the interview process. Below is a list of questions that you should be asking before accepting the job offer.

  1. “Thank-you, Is this a firm offer?” To make sure that you are really offered that job.
  2. “By what time do you need an answer?” Keeping a deadline in mind will help you decide which offer to pick, in case you have many.
  3. “What are your expectations from this role?” So that you know what you getting into.
  4. “What kind of personality is most likely to flourish in this company’s culture?”
  5. “What is included as a part of your benefits package?”
  6. “Can I receive a copy of the offer and the benefits package?”
  7. “What type of opportunities exists for personal and professional growth?” To know how your new organization will help you career advancement and personal growth.
  8. “Is the salary negotiable?” Of course, you want a higher pay!
  9. “Is the amount provided by you the base pay?” To know the final amount that you can spend on things you love.
  10. “When does the health insurance coverage start for new hires?”
  11. “Do you offer dental insurance?” If they respond with a ‘yes’, ask “What is the plan?”
  12. “What is the joining date?” So, you can tell if you would be joining from the same date or would require some time to join.
  13. Can I please have a job description? This is to make sure that you are being hired for the same tasks that were described during the interview process.
  14. When and how will my work be evaluated? Will there be an increase in my salary on the basis of that evaluation?
  15. Will I get the job offer in writing?
  16. Will be getting any discount on a gym membership or any other perks as an employee of this company?
  17. Can I know the 401K program?
  18. How much paid vacation time will I get per year? Does it carry over if I don’t utilize it?
  19. How many sick and personal days will I get?
  20. What are the core working hours? Do I get the flexibility of working from home once in a while?

The must-ask question before accepting the job offer is:

Bonus Question – Will this role help me in career advancement?

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