Reasons Why a Grateful Leader Makes a Greater Boss

We just finished celebrating our Thanksgiving Day where we took out time to appreciate those who helped us through our journey. Why should we celebrate just one day where we thank people? Why not thank people whenever they do something for your good or the good of many. To just take out time on one day of the year seems to be a bit selfish and inconsiderate. We seem to be forgetting the colossal power of practicing ‘gratefulness’ every day, especially in the work context.

Grateful Leader Makes a Greater Boss

Grateful leaders are always more loved and respected at work. Gratitude is considered to be a highly powerful tool but is often underused.

It’s not all about hard work

Success is often linked with hard work. We feel that, “because s/he worked so hard s/he is on top of the ladder.” We forget that not hard work alone can make us reach the top. Even if it helps you get there, there is one thing that could facilitate in maintaining it throughout your life. That one thing I am referring to is ‘Gratitude.’ It is easier to reach the top than to maintain it. The only way to be the leader everyone looks up to, it is necessary to learn the art of being gracious and thankful to anyone you come across.

A great leader will always be aware of those who put extra efforts to help for the betterment of the organization. Whether a person is just doing his/her job or going out of the way to help, outliers never forget to say a little ‘thank you’ just to appreciate them.

Grateful leaders enhance workplace productivity

A thriving leader’s most used weapon is gratitude. Being grateful enhances the ability to motivate employees. It is important to maintain an office culture where people are grateful to each other. In this fast-paced life, people at workplaces have forgotten to be appreciative. People are hired to get work done and paid for their efforts. This attitude results in bosses feeling that their employees are doing their job and don’t need to be appreciated. Results show otherwise that, having an environment where people thank others is more lively and productive.

An office does not just function on people’s tireless efforts and boss’s command. In order to strive for better results, it is researched that the more use of ‘thank you’ in the office helps the organization fare well in their overall output. Workplace is serious business and people need to be constantly motivated in order to get work done from them. The right kind of boost can set the right pace for the employees. A simple ‘thank you’ goes a long way to achieve great results.

Grateful Leader Makes a Greater Boss

Outliers never forget to say a little ‘thank you’ just to appreciate their employees’ efforts.

Outliers don’t just say thank you for the sake of it. They will always personalise their ‘thank you’. If you think a great leader will just stroll through people’s desk and keep saying thanks then you have climbed the wrong tree. S/he will personally either go to their desk or call them in their cabin to genuinely appreciate them for their efforts. No organization can work without its employees and no employees can function properly without some appreciation.

Humbleness does not translate to Weakness

A humble leader is not to be mistaken as a weak one. Employees do not work for over-the-top gestures. But, at the same time, neither do they work for nothing. Everyone likes to be appreciated once in a while. Thriving bosses will never take the contributions of their employees for granted. It is good to appreciate people working under you because it not only paints a good picture of you, but also helps others understand that hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Sooner than you think, everyone will start working harder and putting in extra efforts just to get a pat on the back. And while they get their due praises, the company gets to reach new heights.

The most successful leader will always have the quality of being humble and grateful. But the tricky part is to mean what is being said. If you say ‘thank you’ as if reading out from a ‘leadership manual,’ then you are going in the wrong direction.  People at the top of the tree will always make it look personal by shaking hands, or patting on the back, or even announcing it in front of all the people.

Leaders make their Employees feel special:

The best way to increase employee satisfaction is to constantly appreciate your employees’ work and never forget them. It is a sure way to help you reach great heights. As Maya Angelou rightly points, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Thriving leaders always make their employees feel special and loved by constantly being grateful to them.

To juxtapose a saying I have often heard. “Gratitude begins at home, but should not end there.” Leaders are usually born with an attitude of gratitude. They do not need to practice it as it comes naturally to them. Most of the leaders learn to be grateful at a very young age. It becomes a part of their nature. There are ways to spread the same attitude throughout the workplace. One can go about it in three ways, as suggested by Smart Business:

Lead by an example- All successful leaders will not just say things but create an example by acting that way. Employees learn from their bosses and if they see the angry-pessimistic side, they too tend to follow that cue.

Pay it forward- This too is an ideal way to see to it that everyone at work is kind and appreciative towards the others.

Sending cards to them- This adds like a personal touch which they can cherish as well as be reminded that their efforts are being appreciated.

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