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Technology has become omnipresent in all spheres of our life. It is now gradually crawling into the HR department as well. As the term ‘Human Resources’ itself suggests, this department deals with the workforce needs of the company. One of the most important responsibilities of this department is recruiting people. There are a number of significant factors for the recruitment process. This is why a person with adequate knowledge of the same is given this responsibility. Now we have recruiting software which can enhance the recruitment process. Lever is based on the concept of merging the recruitment process with the digital age for accurate results.

Established in the year of 2012, Lever is a recruiting software firm based in San Francisco. It mainly aims to make recruitment simpler by helping in the analytical reasoning of potential candidates. The software gives a helping hand to its customers in tracking resumes according to their qualification needs. The software also identifies people who are not job-hunting in case they are open to a better opportunity. Along with this, Lever picks a person from the company with whom the candidate will be able to communicate with smoothly. This person can then approach the candidate in order to convince him to join the company.

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50 percent of Lever’s employees are females and 40 percent are non-white.

Pull the Lever of this recruiting software

The founder of Lever, Sarah Nahm is a former Google employee who decided to do something innovative independently. This is when she noticed that hiring people is a tedious task in the Silicon Valley. People here keep looking for better opportunities and at the same time companies are unable to find the ideal candidate. She thought that making recruitment simpler with the help of technology might work. Recruiting has become a competitive process as every company strives to find the best employees for better productivity. Lever helps you hire such an employee before another company gets a chance to approach him. As the demand for recruitment services is always high, within five years this startup is already on the upward slope of progress.

On Wednesday, this recruiting software raised another $30 million in venture financing. Matrix Partners, Adams Street Partners, and Scale Partners invested in this fund. The recent financial development has brought up the funding amount of this startup to $62 million. Lever already has more than 1,300 clients as its analytical software keeps up with the demands of complex corporations as well. Its customer base includes well-established companies like Cirque de Soleil, KPMG, Lyft, and Netflix. When Lever hires employees for itself, it makes sure that the resume does not have a photograph or any cultural references. This is the reason why 50 percent of its employees are females and 40 percent are non-white.

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