Recruitment Jargons: What Recruiters Say, What They ACTUALLY Mean

Recruitment Jargons

We interact with a lot of recruiters, especially during our job search. They have certain recruitment jargons that would sugar-coat everything that they want to tell you.

Here is a list of deciphered recruitment jargons that will provide you an insight about recruiter lies that you hear all the time:

Career oriented

You should forget the concept of work-life balance. Female applicants must be childless and remain that way forever. You won't get enough time to spend with your family, so you have to forget the concept of work-life balance.

Excellent benefit package

We provide the benefits as every other company, but saying that loud won’t sound appealing. So, excellent benefit package is the term to use. Do not expect much, though. We would be giving the normal benefits that every other company is providing, but sugarcoating them with heavy words will surely make you think that we value our employees.

Problem solver

You must be ready to deal with an organization that is in everlasting chaos. We expect you to keep your problems to yourselves and suck it up. We want you to deal with your bad boss, do whatever task is given to you and do not expect any credit from your boss or boss' boss.

Looking for someone with wide variety of experience

We need a candidate who can take up multiple tasks at a time and can replace 2-3 candidates with the salary of a single person. Of course, we are not going to hire multiple candidates if we can get the work done from a single one.

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Deadline oriented

You have to cope up because you will be six months behind schedule by the end of your first week. Also be ready to work for more hours, without expecting any overtime pay.

Leadership skills required

You will be assigned responsibilities of a manager, minus the pay and the respect. You will have to deal with all the issues by yourself, because your leader or manager would be simply ignoring them.

Market offer

Do not expect even a cent more than company’s budget, that’s the maximum they can offer.

An “A” candidate

That’s the best or only candidate who is willing work for peanuts that you pay and has agreed to deal with the crappy workplace that you have.

Overtime may be required sometimes

Your employers will expect you to work after your working hours and even on the weekend. Work-life balance? What is that?

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Great communication skills

You need to be a good listener. Management will communicate, you need to analyze it and know exactly what they want and then work to get it done.

Fun workplace

You can interact with your colleagues, but only during lunch hours. Do not expect any team building activity or fun Fridays!

Hold that laugh when you hear those recruiter lies in the form of any of the above-mentioned recruitment jargons.

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