Recruitment principles of Marriott

Recruitment principles of Marriott

Recruitment requires the ability to attract a sufficient number of right people at right time. Different organizations adopt different recruitment principles, methods and mediums to hire the suitable candidate. But, recruitment principles of Marriott are exceptional. Have a look at the following principles that this hotel chain adapts.

Recruitment Principles

1.Get it right the first time

Marriott hires friendly people who love to serve other rather than hiring a technically sound person who has no enthusiasm for serving others. Technical skills or management can be taught to the one who is friendly, but a  technical person cannot be forced to have the spirit to serve others.  The hotel giant hires chefs who love to cook and housekeepers who love to clean. Marriott has experienced that this approach works really well in terms of providing best service as well as for retaining employees.

2.Money matters but so does other factors

Money is the primary concern when it comes to employees of any organization. But there are several other factors like work-life balance, leadership quality, training, career growth and work environment that outweigh money when it comes to Marriott’s employees. Marriott provides its employees with tailored employee benefits and flexible schedules to maintain work-life balance.

3.Create a caring workplace

Everyone likes a workplace where they feel welcomed. This motivates employees to be committed to the work which will be a key factor in guest satisfaction. Managers are responsible for employee’s job satisfaction. Everyone at Marriott, are involved in a fifteen-minutes meeting that will evaluate some values like respect and harmony. Management makes efforts to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries as a part of a loyalty program. This helps Marriott to establish loyalty among employees and customers.

4.Promote from within

Over 50% of existing managers at Marriott have been promoted from within. It gives a chance to everyone to deliver their best and showcase their managerial skills. Additionally, internal promotion will result in better retention as it will motivate employees to deliver better to achieve a considerable career growth. Such opportunity will attract employees to stick for longer.

5.Employment Brand

Marriott attracts not only customers for its outstanding services; it also attracts employees who are looking for a great workplace. Employment branding is all about delivering a great work experience to employees. J.W. Marriott, the CEO says about recruitment principles of Marriott, “Since 70 years, we work with a single motto: Take care of your employees and they will take care of your guests. This strategy should be adopted by all the businesses to stay at the top in a world where human capital is the most important resource.”

These recruitment principles of Marriott help them stay really competitive in the hospitality business. These principles help the hotel giant to make its employees feel valued and help them gain employee loyalty.

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