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A corporate job regularly gets more than 250 applications out of which around 2-6% are called in for the interview round. And among that percent, only one grabs the offer! This means that the rest of the candidates gets rejected for the job and the HR has to send a job rejection email to them. Job rejection emails are great tools to update the candidates on their application status and give them closure to the job search. Today, we bring some well-written job rejection emails that might come in handy for organizations and HR.

Job Rejection Email

Job Rejection Email Templates

Candidate Rejection Email Sample

Job Rejection Email Template : Post-application

The application stage is the first stage in the recruitment process. At this point, the candidates submit their applications and resumes and the HR screens them and sort the suitable for the vacancy. A job rejection at this point of hiring isn’t much discouraging as candidates don’t invest much time on this step. For the rejected candidates, the HR can send this job rejection email as:

Hello [first name],

 Thank you for applying to be an [role] at [company name].

 While we were really impressed by your resume and you clearly show the potential of doing some great [job core responsibility like customer service, writing, testing, etc.], we sadly can’t move forward with your application at this point.

 But please feel free to re-apply when you see another relevant listing at [company name].

 Thank you for applying. We appreciate your effort.

 [your name] 

Job Rejection Email Template : Post-screening

The screening stage is the next step in the recruitment process, where the HR engages the shortlisted candidates to work on the same work, engages on a phone call or conversation with them to undertake the pre-hiring assessment tests. At this point, the candidates feel positive about the chances of getting the job. They become hopeful and invests reasonable time and effort to land the job. A rejection at this stage means more than the first step. The HR can send the following job rejection email to the candidates as:

Hi [first name],

 Thanks so much for [sending over the trial specs or taking up the assessments tests or for participating in the screening call] to be our next [role] at [company name].

 We really enjoyed reviewing your performance, and while you certainly have the skills to make it big in a [marketing or writing or customer service] role and also carry a right attitude, we sadly can’t move forward with you at this point.

 But please do re-apply when you see another relevant listing at [company name].

 Thank you for applying. We appreciate your effort.

 [your name]

Job Rejection Email Template : Post-interview

The interviewing stage is the final stage in the recruitment stage. The candidate rejection email after the interview process is most crucial, as the candidate becomes highly positive about the job offer and invests heavily into it. Getting rejected at this point after the interview can become very disheartening. They experience severe discouragement of making it so far in the process and still don’t get hired. The HR of an organization can send the following job rejection email as:

Hey [first name],

 Thanks so much for interviewing to be our next [role] at [company name]. We thoroughly enjoyed talking to you about your skills, experience, and job expectations.

 What stood out was your [one quality about the candidate or a complex project they might have handled or any constructive feedback they can use]. We can already tell that you have a great career ahead, but unfortunately, we can’t move forward with you this time.

 We went with the candidate who [explain the criteria on which the candidate lost out, for example, going with a candidate who had more experience, an additional skill, or better cultural fit].

 But we’d love to have you re-apply when you see another relevant listing at [company name].

 Thank you for applying at [company name]. We appreciate your effort.

 [your name]

Things to note while writing job rejection letters:

Proper and better job rejection emails can give a better candidate experience. Some of the points to follow when writing a job rejection letter and email are:

  • Convey Empathy: Highlight empathy to the candidate, letting them know that you know how it feels to be rejected. A little empathy works a lot to improve the candidate experience.
  • Show Gratitude: Always thank the candidates for applying for the vacancy. Showing gratitude for the candidate’s time and effort is essential.
  • Be Personal: Customize the job rejection emails, so that they feel like one-on-one conversations instead of a bulk message.

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