Relaxing is Necessary to Avoid Job Burnout and Accomplish More

Whether we wish to admit it or not, there are many individuals (including ourselves maybe) who are simply in love with the concept of job burnout. Why? Because we simply love tiring ourselves without giving a second glance to what we’re doing and why.

It is a common thing at workplace culture that employees at various levels are too busy competing with their colleagues to achieve a better position, status, and salary among many other amenities. We’re too busy trying to impress our bosses too hard that often we miss important things in our life such as relaxing. Working hard is good, but working consistently without breaks is not good. Relaxing is very important to keep our system calm and composed, which helps in achieving more. If you’re properly relaxed and composed, you’re more likely to focus straight on your goals without any distractions and accomplish it on time.

But it seems that individuals nowadays hesitate from taking breaks and relaxing. Considering today’s lifestyle, of course, we’re bound to be busy. But the act of consistently working is taking a toll on our personal and professional life. It’s eventually leading to job burnout.

Job Burnout

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At the first glance, relaxing at workplace sounds highly unacceptable and the epidemic of being busy doesn’t look so pathetic. After all, is it wrong to work more? To catering more responsibilities so that we can feel more fulfilled and accomplished? Well, many of us would immediately say no, it's not wrong and there isn’t anything bad to lead such life where we’re constantly occupied by a pile of work.

The matter is, however, we prefer ourselves to incessantly remain in motion and keep running from one task to another, but continuous work is hampering our productivity and killing the multi-dimensional thinking. It leaves us with no time to collect our minds and thoughts, with no ability to stay present in a specific moment since we are always planning on jumping over the next task.

What we need to consider is, without taking proper breaks from task to task, how can we pause and appreciate what all we’ve achieved so far? How can we praise ourselves for the awesome task we’ve just managed to finish if we don’t relax and think? Sure we are bound to suffer from job burnout if we don’t consider the aforementioned subjects as important.

Inarguably, the ability to praise and enjoy the task once it’s done is one of the most rewarding factors. We can simply sit back and relax marveling the art created or job accomplished by us, or everyone’s pleasant reaction towards our task. Self-rewarding is very crucial to maintain a healthy mindset as we move forward to our future task. Compliments or rewards by bosses, and most importantly by ourselves will prevent us from experiencing a burnout as it will help in relaxing and motivating to look forward to more achievements.

So, next time when you’re wondering about taking on that extra pile of work, please remind yourself ‘more in not the merrier always'. Do yourself a favor and work without straining yourself physically and mentally.

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