Request for Vacation Leave Email Templates

There is nothing to feel hesitated about sending a request for vacation leave email. However, it would rather look nice and leave a good impression by convincing your employer or immediate supervisor to accept vacation leave. To achieve this end, the vacation leave request email should be framed in a professional manner wherein concerns of the employer and the organizations are immediately addressed. Also, the information for travel and intention for vacation should be shared along with your contact details so your employer can reach out to you in case of a workplace emergency.

Following are the vacation leave request email templates that can be used for getting vacation leave.

#1 Vacation Leave Email Template

request for vacation leave email templates

vacation leave email templates

Subject: Vacation Leave Application

Respected/Dear Sir/Madam,

I hope this email finds you in good health. I am writing this letter to inform you that I am planning for my leave from date XXXX to XXXX. I have allotted paid leaves which I want to use in this summer vacation. We are having a family vacation to XXX  during these leave days.

However, I will stay connected with an internet connection and mobile phones. This way I will be available for phone calls and revert to calls and other communications when possible. In the meantime, my teammate Ms. XXX will take over the charge and handle all the duties in my absence.

I look forward to your approval.



#2 Marriage Leave Request Email Template

request for vaction wedding Email template

Subject: Vacation leave for the wedding

Respected/Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to inform you that I will be on leave from XXX to XXX. The reason behind this is the marriage of my close relative which cannot be avoided. I have tried my best to avoid travel but it seems like my presence is important for the family function. Therefore I have decided to take approved leaves to attend the marriage. I will be back by XXX and resume my duties thereafter.

In my absence, I have ensured that my duties are performed by my team member Mr. XXX. He will be reporting to me about the updates regularly during my absence. I have guided him with all the requirements and assured that the company work will not suffer during my absence. However, in case of any pressing issue, I will be available at this number XXX.

I want to thank you in advance for approving my leave application.



#3 Request for Annual Vacation Leave Email Template

Annual Vacation Leave Email Template


Subject: Vacation Leave Application

Respected/Dear Sir/Madam,

Please consider this email application as my request for leave for 2 weeks from date XXX to date XXX. During this period, I will be traveling along with my family to XXX.  It’s the winter holidays and my family has been planning to travel for a long time. Therefore I cannot post the days of my travel and request you to approve my leave for these two weeks.

During my absence, Ms. XXX will take over the responsibilities and will stay in contact with me throughout the leave period. I have shared my emergency contact number with her and even directed her with the responsibilities and roles that she had to perform during my absence.

I will resume my duties from the morning of date XXX.

Looking forward for leave approval.

Thank you,


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