Resume Builder Sites That Will Make Your CV Employer-Friendly

Resume builder websites have interactive online resume templates and samples which allow users to input the information and build a good resume. 

A resume and CV are an integral part of the job hunting session. Prospective candidates need to have the perfect resume highlighting the qualifications and experiences to send it to the employer and get selected. A good CV catches the employer’s eye at first glance and stands out amongst other resumes. However, many of the candidates send out an incomplete or don’t know the proper way to build one. This is where resume builder sites come in! They help candidates to create an effective resume to attract everyone’s attention.

Some of the prospective resume builder sites include the following:

Cultivates Culture

This free resume builder site doesn’t prompt users for any payment for any download formats or exclusive templates. It is an easy-to-use website, even for the less tech-savvy people. The user needs to input the information in the mentioned slots and will be presented with a completed resume. One can download a finished resume in .pdf, .txt, or Google Drive format file.

Resume Genius

This website enquires about the qualifications and experiences, and the user needs to fill them and personal data in the required blanks. There is also an “Add Pre-Written Bullet Points” tab where candidates can create customized job responsibilities.

My Perfect Resume

This resume builder site highlights the skills and related keywords and lets the candidate select the preferred skill set by job title with just one click. One can also add additional information like certifications, accomplishments, and affiliations to highlight them in the resume. One can download the finished resume in .txt format for free.


This site stands out from others in the way that it immediately allows candidates to share their finished resume with employers once it is prepared. This ensures the resume gets more visibility, and the candidate receives potential job offers. This is one of the fastest resume builder sites where one can also upload an already created resume and get it reformatted by the website.


Zety offers the maximum customization options for a candidate than any other resume builder site. One can customize the color, font size, line spacing, date formatting, and many other formatting options for their resume. They can also insert links of their professional social accounts as well as get tips and information about creating and adding a cover letter with the resume. Zety resume builder makes resume customization easy.

Resume Builder Sites


With this website, the candidate can already visualize their finished resume while creating it- the site is set up in the form of a resume! The site is more of a guide for the candidate to make the perfect resume to attract employers. There is also an “Import LinkedIn” tab in this website where the user can sync and import the template with information automatically from the LinkedIn profile.


This website makes resume building super easy! It scans the resume and offers customized suggestions for it and any missing information which the resume should include. This resume builder is apt for job seekers who are just stepping into their professional zone and are inexperienced in the job-hunting process.


This resume builder website contains several templates where the candidate can select the preferred one and fill in the information manually. It is a quick site and gives total control to the candidate.


Besides resume building, this website also provides summary statement templates to be added to the resume. The candidate needs to fill in the blanks or drag /drop the models into the resume, and they will get a good finished CV.

Power Edit

This resume builder by Job Scan allows the candidate to make changes to the resume and view the resume building rate improves in real-time. The website also provides content and resume building tips to enhance the resume and get selected by potential employers. Candidates can save and download a PDF or.docx version of the resume.

Use efficient resume building sites and get a proficient CV to attract the best of employers in the industry!

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