Salary Negotiation Tips To Do It Right

Okay, so what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you are taking a new job? Your new boss? No. The work environment? Not quite. The salary? Definitely. Salary makes a great difference. There is a difference in working where you want and making a living, and working where you want and earning a big fat paycheck every week? But for the later, you would require some salary negotiation tips so that you can discuss it without that look of horror crossing over your face.

Salary Negotiation Tips

Whether you are starting a new job or getting a raise at your current job, you should be negotiating for a higher salary. But, do you?

According to a survey by, only 37% of candidates or employees try to negotiate their salary while 18% of people never even try to negotiate. And, there’s more, 44% of people claimed that they never brought up the salary part while accepting promotions or during their performance review. And the reason behind this is fear. Okay, negotiations can be scary but avoiding it will be even scarier.

So, we all have to be prepped up during negotiating salary when it comes to taking a new job or getting a raise in your current one. Here are some salary negotiation tips that can do wonders when discussing the salary part.

Research extensively

To know your value or to be aware of the pay that you deserve, you have to know the market value by knowing the average pay for your position in your geographic area with the experience that you have. This is the most crucial among all the salary negotiation tips that you are about to read. You have to know the exact number when they ask you “How much salary are you expecting to earn?” If you don’t have any clue about how much you want, you’ll end up accepting the salary that the employer is willing to offer.

Show that you deserve that amount

Just expecting a higher pay without explaining the ‘Why’ part is like expecting to win a lottery without even buying the ticket. Most of the candidates of employees do the salary negotiation mistake of asking for more without explaining why. You need to put numbers to show how you have added value to the organization. For instance: You can mention that you’ve increased the sales of the department by 15% or have doubled your productivity in 8 months.

Never bring your personal needs into picture while discussing salary

People often discuss how their expenses have increased and how they need extra money to cope up with their everyday needs. This is the worst thing you can do while negotiating salary. Everyone has bills to pay, but negotiating on the basis of how much money you owe to someone is not the right thing to do. You need to focus on your performance and achievements when it comes to salary negotiation.

If you don’t get a ‘yes’ from the employer, you have to either accept the pay that they are offering or search for better alternatives. Don’t hesitate to move on if you think you are being underpaid and deserve to earn more.

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