Sample Performance Appraisal Letter Templates for HR Managers

Appraisal letter is a formal method of assessing or evaluating one’s performance: strengths and weaknesses on the basis of tasks performed. Appraisal letter is often used in describing employee job performance and usually involves meetings where the employee is allowed to provide feedback and discuss how to improve performance while learning about new expectations and job requirements. While writing an appraisal letter is a task for the Human Resources Department, the use of sample appraisal letters or appraisal letter templates is very much efficient considering how frequent organizations conduct employee performance appraisal.

Some offices would prefer setting up web-based appraisal email templates or sample appraisal letters, to skip the process of producing an entirely new appraisal letter for each employee. Whereas some firms are throwing their coins at AI-driven employee performance – basically to automate data input in sample appraisal letters or appraisal letter templates not just for efficiency, but to achieve unbiased appraisal and to disengage employee victimization.

Appraisal letter writing tips

There are different ways of writing appraisal letter, though they all address the same issue. Appraisal letters inform employees about the progressive work they have performed. It is like a feedback letter for an employee. The following should be included while writing an appraisal letter.

  • Appraisal letter has the employees’ current position, salary, and the increments received on the current salary.
  • If the employee has received a promotion, an Appraisal letter will mention it
  • Appraisal letter will contain the bonus or rewards based on performance if they have earned any and according to the allotment.
  • Appraisal letter will also mention the effective date of salary increment

#1 Employee Sample Appraisal Letter

[Use your company’s letterhead]


Employee’s name

Current Position or Role

Employee’s Address

City, State, Zip Code

Dear [Employee’s name],

After reviewing your performance in [insert year or period] carefully, the management of [company name] is glad to offer you an increment to your compensation and benefits through this appraisal letter. Your current compensation structure is as follows:

Description                                 Compensation ($)

Basic + PTR                                [add value]

Leave Allowance                       [add value]

Medical Reimbursement         [add value]

Retirement Benefits                  [add value]

Annual Total                              [add value]

However, we are a little concerned about your strategy in reaching out to the clients in your structure. Please discuss with your unit head [unit head’s name] on the new modalities and provide us with requirements (if any) necessary to achieving less than 30 minutes service delivery delay time

[Company name] is honored in having you in our team and looking forward to more dedication and hard work from you in the future.

Please feel to contact [insert name] at his office if you have any questions regarding this Appraisal letter.

Yours sincerely,

 [Name, date, and signature of HR manager]

#2 Employee Sample Appraisal Letter

[Use your company’s letterhead]


Name of the Employee

Designation _____________

Dear [employee’s name]

The management is pleased with last year’s achievements and growth at [company name], such as the milestone of producing up to 1,000 Tesla 3 model cars weekly. It’s an indication that the future holds more promises and we are happy to have your contribution.

Please be informed that you been promoted to [position’s name] with immediate effect. Below is a breakdown of your new compensation structure.

Description                                           Compensation ($)

Basic and WA                                       [add value]

Transportation Allowance                [add value]

Medical Allowance                              [add value]

Retirement Benefit                              [add value]

Food Allowance                                   [add value]

Annual Salary (subtotal)                   [add value]

GDC contribution                                [add value]

Total (annual)                                      [add value]

[Company name] will implement the increment in your compensation starting from [date]. Also, you will be qualified for the next compensation review in [date]

We look forward to more of your contribution in the future.

Yours Sincerely,

Signature, Date, and Name of the HR Manager

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