Sample Rejection Letters for Unsuccessful Applicants

Writing a rejection letter can be confusing sometimes since it’s a failure notification to a wide group of job applicants. Among which you truly know that some would not receive such notification if you were to increase the number of your intakes. It’s a notification that must be circulated to every unsuccessful applicant.

Rejection letters are important to notify the applicants that they have been screened out, appreciate their efforts, and motivate them while also encouraging them to apply again when there’s another job opening. Sending rejection letters to unsuccessful applicants will also show high professionalism, protect your company from discrimination and also provide the feedback for the candidate’s improvement.

Three steps are paramount when writing a rejection letter; make it brief, considerate, and straight. It is important to understand that the applicant will be disappointed, no matter how you paint your words. However, a well-composed rejection letter can reduce the heartbreak while also encouraging the applicant to keep up with his or her job search.

The following tips will guide you to prepare a standard and well-written rejection letter.

  • Use your company’s letter heading
  • Plan to make the letter brief
  • Address the candidate with his or her name in the salutation
  • Thank the candidate
  • Directly state your decision
  • Include supportive words
  • End with a greeting and a signature

Sample Rejection letter II

This sample is for candidates that did not make it to your company’s interview list


Mark J Pospisil 2429 Emerald Dreams Drive Woodbine, KS 67492

Dear Mr. Pospisil,

Thank you for your interest in the Operation Manager position at Karen & Brooks Limited.

Unfortunately, your experience and qualification did not qualify you to participate in our interview. We are proceeding with other candidates whose qualifications closely fit our needs at this time.

Karen & Brooks Limited appreciate the time you spent on the application and wish you the best of luck in the next phase of your career. We also welcome your continued interest in our company.

Thank you.

Sincerely, John Doe Head of Human Resources Karen & Brooks Limited

Sample Rejection letter II

This sample is for candidates that were not selected after your company’s interview.


Kate L Stamper 3319 Round Table Drive Dayton, OH 45402

Dear Ms Stamper,

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit Karen & Brooks Limited to interview for our open operation manager position. Your experience and credentials impressed our interview team.

Sequel to your appealing quality and the strengths we felt you would offer us in the open position, it was difficult for us to drop you for another candidate for this job position.

Though we have chosen another candidate for this position, we encourage you to consider applying for open jobs that match your experience and credentials with Karen & Brooks Limited in the future.

Your next employer will surely appreciate your skills and capabilities should you decide to continue your job search. Karen & Brooks Limited wishes you well in the next phase of your career.

Thank you once again for your interest in our company.

Sincerely, Jane Doe HR Director For the Interview Team Karen & Brooks Limited

Jay Raol

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