Say Yes To ePortfolio And Bid Adieu To Traditional CVs

Maybe you are one of those who has been daydreaming how individuals land a perfect job. Let me ask what are your plans for the future? Of course, a high paid job you might say. Well, that’s something a majority of us are trying to seek. The tight market and tough competition make it difficult to find a job. In such situation, individuals often end their quest of finding a right job and take whatever arrives first. To put it another way, they compromise. But how long will you compromise? Will you ever get that perfect job? Obviously, you have no idea. Allow me to help you.

To begin with, the interview is the initial step that decides your future, so you need to concentrate on it. Sure, you need skills to ace that much-needed job’s interview, but will it be enough? It will never be. Time and again, we’ve come across various tips to succeed in job interviews. Behave nicely, speak politely, and dress up formally, etc. These points are certainly important to impress the interviewers. But it’s also important to realize staying up-to-date with the latest technology is necessary, too. Whether you’re interviewing for Facebook or Cosmopolitan, it doesn’t really matter. What matters the most is that you present yourself with the best trend going on in technology. Organizations, no matter tech or creative, look for individuals who offer fresh perspectives, life experiences, and creativity to their teams.


You may not land your dream job using the traditional way of submitting your CVs and resumes. It’s certainly not an approach to seek competitive advantage over your fellow candidates vying for the same job opening. Also, you may need a better luck to schedule appointment for an interview or taking follow-ups from recruiters. Having an ePortfolio is the new market trend. It’s proven that HR managers offer more priorities to candidates having ePortfolios. Association of American Colleges & Universities conducted a survey in 2013. It suggested that HR managers believe that the candidates having ePortfolios possess skills to achieve success in their organization.

What Are ePortfolios?

An ePortfolio is basically a digital information collection platform. You have to feed details related to education, skills, and work history. In other words, it’s an approach with which you can highlight your unique and creative side. The ePortfolios consist of documents, blog entries, video, graphics, and audio among other multimedia features. Moreover, they are accessible from any form of electronic media, say a DVD or a website. You no longer have to carry your file full of documents and resume.

ePortfolios VS Traditional Resumes

An electronic portfolio offers various advantages over traditional resumes. To begin with, an ePortfolio can offer a visually appealing sight, which a resume and CV can rarely achieve. One can easily consider the electronic portfolio as their collection of accomplishments. It demonstrates how individuals generally work, i.e. on their own and with the teams. The ePortfolios can easily navigate through variations and the way one contributes to the goals and missions of the organization.

Setting yourself apart from the other candidates is very important when you’re seeking for a promotion or a career change. With this in mind, having an ePortfolio is an excellent opportunity, provided that it’s full of achievements. Simply having ePortfolios won’t lend you a job. So when you’re following the tips to succeed in job interviews, do not forget to add ePortfolio in your “TO-DO” list.

How to Make ePortfolios?

Portfolium is a latest cloud-based web tool which helps the user in creating digital portfolios. The tool went live on August 18 at Tarleton State University. However, this is not the only platform. There are a plenty of other websites available for creating electronic portfolios.

While traditional resumes and CVs are still an effective approach to outlining your experience, education, and skills, ePortfolios can help you seek more attention. You can consider ePortfolios has an approach to enhance your resume, not a replacement.

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  1. Marcus

    Great article, although I wish it went into more detail from an employer’s perspective because it seems very general in how ePortfolios are desired by employers. The ePortfolio called Portfolium that Tarleton State decided to launch is actually employer-facing where you can click a desired skill and see evidence of the skill mapping to an employer’s needs. Other ePortfolios (otherwise known as “legacy” ePortfolios), are purely for universities to procure data in connection to measuring student learning outcomes that appear to resemble a free WordPress site one could create. Yes, you could probably show an employer your ePortfolio with your blog content, but that is someone who is applying to a job on the “offensive.” Meaning, they found a job post that they deem a good fit and they include with their resume, etc. They can also bring their ePortfolio to a career fair, interview, etc- again, this is on the offensive. One of the many reasons Tarleton chose Portfolium is because Portfolium enables their employer affiliates (employers that are actively recruiting Tarleton students) to conduct an efficient evidence-based search and match based on required/desired skills sets and drive qualified matching candidates to apply, taking the guess-work out of the picture. Instead of employers “posting and hoping” the right students at the right time with the right set of skills applies, they enable employers to take a proactive approach in sourcing entry-level talent, thereby decreasing cost per hire, increasing retention- all while strengthening employer relationships, not to mention attracting new employers. You see- every artifact derived from course instruction is indexed and funneled into a powerful engine that allows employers to see beneath the traditional resume.

    I felt this was beneficial to contribute from an employer’s perspective because not all employers want to see ePortfolios. Portfolium just happens to be specifically designed to satisfy the needs of the institution’s requirements in a 360 approach as it pertains to accreditation, reporting, etc. while providing value back to the students as they enter the workforce that they can use free for life.


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