Is Self-Care A Part of Your Workplace Culture?

workplace culture

The problem we all face at some point in time is burnout. We think that we have unlimited resources, but in fact, we are very far from unlimited. Sometimes we ignore doing things that matter the most, considering them unimportant including self-care. A strict workplace culture won’t be beneficial to anyone in the long run.

Companies often miss considering aspects other than productivity and work done in the given time frame. It is necessary to show your employees that you care and that their well-being is a major concern for the employer. After all, employee morale and well-being have a remarkable effect on the tasks that are accomplished and overall workplace culture.

Here are some of the ways to promote the culture of self-care at workplace:

Encourage staff to take lunch away from their desk

Motivate your employees to take regular lunch breaks. Ideal lunch breaks should be away from their desk, they should also be allowed to walk around the block or to the nearby park. Ideally, lunch break should be for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Let them know that it will never be all done

No matter how much work they do or for how many hours they stick to their desk, the work will always be more than the time. So let your employees know that it is okay to leave some work for tomorrow because there is no way to check all the things off the to-do list every single day.

Make it comfortable for staff to take leave when they start experiencing burnout

As an employer, you should make sure that your employees find it acceptable to take a day off when they are exhausted from their work. Sometimes a day’s break with sound sleep, good food, and a little time away from work is all it takes for the refurbishment of your employees.

Be the role model

When you are leading a team or the company itself, you should act as a role model. When your employees or team members will see you taking regular lunch breaks, keeping work limited to the office, they will be motivated to do the same. Also, by doing so, you will be making a significant contribution to improving the workplace culture.

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