9 Signs of Job Burnout

Signs of Job Burnout

Job Burnout employee

Our study states that one in every four employees is suffering from job burnout. Job burnout is the state of chronic stress that is followed by physical and emotional exhaustion.

Signs of Job Burnout of Employee

A few years ago, you landed your dream job, and since then you have been trying hard to give it your best and make sure that you perform well. Can you relate to that? Maybe not, but here are some signs of job burnout and it’s time to do something about it.

Snoozing the alarm

The signs of job burnout appear as soon as you wake up in the morning. You keep on snoozing the alarm until you realize that you are running late for office.


In the early stage of burnout, you will feel tired all day long. Later, you may feel dreaded of whatever tasks are pending ahead on any given day. You will feel exhausted physically as well emotionally.

You never relax

Instead of relaxing after work, you stress about all the work that still needs to be done and how you will meet your next deadline. Such habit can deteriorate your health and cause a work-life imbalance.

Worsening relationships

Many people don’t realize how their work is not only affecting them but is also affecting people surrounding them. Your so-called “dedication” is hurting people who you used to care about before you turned into this work driven monster.

Work never ends

Limiting the work to office hours is not something you do, so you have as much work at home as you do in your office. Neglecting the boundary between work and home will only lead to bad things. Nothing will make you happy – at work you will feel guilty of not having a life and when at home, you will feel that you are missing out opportunities at your work.

Lower job satisfaction

Work that once used to motivate you no more leads to job satisfaction. You are indifferent to your accomplishments and goals, which may also affect your performance at work.


 If you are losing sleep because of something that you did or didn’t do at work, then you are suffering from job burnout.

Living like a vampire

If you go to the office at dawn and don’t go home until late evening, you are inviting stress. And if your employer insists that you work overtime without being productive, it is even worse. You need to know that it is the output that your deliver that matter and not the number of hours that you spend at your work desk.

You want to quit w/o any reason

People decide to quit their job either because they are offered a job that is better and higher paying or they can’t stand the atrocious workplace culture of the office or maybe some other valid reason. But if you fantasize of quitting your job without any solid reason then that is one of the signs of job burnout.

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