Signs That Scream You Are Boss’s Favorite Employee

Are you getting ahead at work? There are many reasons surrounding your growth. Hard work, dedication, honesty, perfection, and problem-solving skills are the key reasons. But, there’s another key point as well. We’re sure you might not be aware of it, but it somehow exists. The reason is – you are your boss’s favorite employee. There’s a possibility that you possess a majority of qualities of a favorite employee, which every boss prefers. As a matter of fact, our bosses hold the key to our future in the workplace. So it’s imperative that we understand being boss’s favorite employee is also important when we’ve plans of getting ahead at work. No one wants to stay stuck at the same place. So in case you’re succeeding, being favorite might be a reason. Of course, you’ll say “I don’t think so! I’ve never got any sign so far,” but such is not the case. By all means, what do you expect? You cannot expect your boss to show up and say, “Hey, you’re my favorite employee!” There are signs, which demonstrate that your bosses think very high of you.

Let’s Take A Quick-Check If You’re Boss’s Favorite Employee

They Discuss Tidbits of Their Personal Life with You

There are times when bosses need someone to talk to. Certainly, they can’t go to anyone as they have a professional rapport to maintain. Henceforth, they choose someone to talk to whom they can trust implicitly. If your boss comes to you to discuss matters related to his/her family, there are higher chances that you belong to the favorite employee category.

They Happily Invite You in Personal Gatherings

If your boss is cool enough to invite you for personal gatherings like family dinners, birthday parties, etc., you’re the favorite one.

They Allow You to Try Various Strategies

To put it another way, you aren’t afraid of taking a risk. Why? Because you’re well-aware that your boss will appreciate your efforts even if the strategy fails. Your boss allows you to take smart risks because he/she trusts you. So it’s important to realize that not everyone has the privilege to earn boss’s trust, which again makes you a favorite employee.

They Push You to Be Honest and Blunt

They respect your opinion more than anyone else’s. You can be blunt and speak honestly if you don’t like the idea proposed by the boss. A majority of bosses will immediately get offended, but if the employee is boss’s favorite they will actually listen.

They Offer You More Privilege over Others

In other words, you’re first in line when it comes to offering perks. Your boss might offer you extra boxes of cookies or extra tickets to concerts than what they offered to your teammates.

They Trust Your Judgment

They allow you to make decisions on your own. You’re subjected to less or no scrutiny at all compared to your coworkers.

They Chose You for the Best Projects

Name any plum projects, you’re in. It’s like you’re a vital part of every important project assigned to your department. Your boss knows that you are a great bet. They rely on you.

So do these signs somehow relate your work life? Are you boss’s favorite employee yet? If yes, congratulations! Keep striving for the best. If not, do not worry. Start working harder and smarter. You’ll notice that you’ll become a favorite one too in no time at all.

Diana Coker

Diana Coker is a staff writer at The HR Digest, based in New York. She also reports for brands like Technowize. Diana covers HR news, corporate culture, employee benefits, compensation, and leadership. She loves writing HR success stories of individuals who inspire the world. She’s keen on political science and entertains her readers by covering usual workplace tactics.

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