Some Silliest Interview Blunders that Job Seekers End Up Doing

With such a tight job market, even a silly mistake can cost you a great job. But, somehow job seekers fail to make an impression as they end up doing some of the silliest interview blunders. Candidates go through a list of things to do in an interview but they miss to go through the don’ts of job interviewing.

Here is the list of interview blunders that interviewees do all the time and how to avoid them:

Arrive late

No surprise here; you need to make sure that you don’t arrive late to the interview place. Even if your car broke or you didn’t find a parking spot, manage to reach there on time. You may have a legitimate reason, but it will sound fake to the interviewer because they hear it all the time. Keep a buffer time of 20 to 30 minutes so that you have time to tackle unexpected situations. Don’t reach there before 30 minutes, as that may increase the risk of appearing desperate, but arriving at an interview before 5 to 10 minutes is completely acceptable and will give you time to prepare yourself mentally.

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Show up unprepared

Knowing about the company and the job profile that you are applying for is extremely important. It will just take a few minutes to go through the company’s website, so research before you show up for the interview. If you are not aware of company’s details, you may end up appearing as lazy and uninterested.

Dress inappropriately

This one is the most common interview blunders that are often neglected by job seekers. If you are unsure whether the organization is a full-business-attire kind of place or a place where everyone is allowed to wear business casuals, just ask the recruiter when you get an invitation for the job interview. If the organization allows only proper business formals, you don’t want to be under-dressed. So it’s better to ask the type of interview attire that is acceptable by the organization.

Badmouthing about your current employer

Speaking badly about your current or former employer won’t prove to be beneficial in any way. Even if your employers were ineffectual, mentioning it in the interview won’t help.

Interrupt the interviewer

Even if you are very excited to babble about your experience or answering the question, don’t start talking when the interviewer is still left with the question. Whenever a question is asked, take a moment and then answer it, making sure that you don’t interrupt the interviewer.

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