Sleep Better at Night to Work Better in the Morning

More often than not, it so happens that our 9-5 gig does not limit itself to just 9-5. We have pending projects and assignments and other personal chores that consumes more than 14 hours a day. At such times, the biggest thing we have to compromise on is our sleep. Sleep, the most loved, most desired, and most cherished activity of more than millions around the world. Some of us may even be guilty of dreaming about the pleasure of becoming a panda, sleeping for N number of hours in a day. Everyone wants to sleep better in such hectic schedules. We can’t find enough ways on how to sleep better for a satisfying and sound sleep. And so, squeezing in a proper sleep time becomes a tough task.

how to sleep better

sleep better at night and work better in morning

At the end of a hectic day, all we can crave for is a good night’s sleep. For which many people have to compromise on social events, family chores, or even deadlines. Have you ever felt like a zombie due to the lack of sleep in the middle of work at office? Many of us may have experienced this situation. This is why, it is important to sleep better so that our work does not get affected the next day. Even more, you can manage cherishing better sleep if you plan your schedule accordingly.

Sleep Better to Work Better

sleep better to work better

Reduce on Social Media Intake

One of the most exhaustive aspects before bed time is the time spent on your cell phone. However lucrative it may seem, watching the screen at bed time is in fact harmful for your sleep cycle. Your circadian rhythm, meaning body clock, gets disturbed with a prolonged screen time before sleep.

reduce social media intake

It is definitely tempting to stay away from those beautiful pictures and quotes on Instagram and Facebook. But my dear, it is better to compromise on social media posts rather than a family function due to lack of sleep. Isn’t it?

Well you can hear some soothing melodies that work like lullabies or read yourself a book to sleep.

Water Does the Trick

sleep better to work better

You may not believe it, but having a shower before bed is just the perfect solution to a calming sleep. We can go on and on about the benefits of having a bath before bed. But some of them include-

  • A feeling of relaxation, de-stressing yourself from the pressures of the day
  • Regulates the temperature of the body to sleep better (Hot shower preferred!)
  • Your mind and body get signified that this is the end of the day

Having a relaxing bath and then directly plunging into the soft bed, we can really imagine the feeling of having a goodnight’s sleep this way.

Moreover, you can keep a check on your food intake (not too heavy food before bed time) and the bedroom lights (jet black darkness if you are not afraid of it) before sleep time. Also, refraining yourself from caffeine intake before bed, indulging in power naps, etc. are the things you can keep in mind. This way, you can sleep better and wake up as fresh as a flower each day to work better.

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