Slowdown Before You Take Up That Job Offer Right Away

Slowdown Before You Take Up That Job Offer Right AwayFor those who have been on the job hunt for quite a while certainly know how precious it is to get the ultimate nod of approval from higher management. For those who have gained some sour experience by getting hired straight away know how it can in some cases tantamount to driving into the sunset. Below are a few words of advice for the desperate and the talented before they take any job offer impulsively: The Step Down – In your quest to getting hired somewhere, by accepting a title that is unbefitting to your qualifications means letting the world know that you’re just not that resourceful enough to find a job suitable enough according to your experience and qualifications. You can be a bit flexible with your salary, but taking a job that you’re overqualified for is a complete strike down unless you’re genuinely interested in the position. Hanging on to Workplace Mistfits – Very little thought is given to the whole ‘workplace culture’ factor during the job search process. Even if you’re the mathematical perfect for the job, you’ll later on feel a little out of place and continue to struggle to cope with people around you. If you fail to engage with your surroundings, even after getting past your reluctance and still feel like a minority, it’s a tell on that you’ll never flourish at what you’re doing and always stay moderate. Get on the job search mode again and find a culture where you appreciate the people you’re working with. Concealed Information – Even after you’ve asked a dozen questions about the company, the bosses or your job responsibilities yet the hiring manager still chooses to stay mum, there’s either of this going on. 1. Your hiring manager is afraid you won’t find the position attractive anymore. 2. There’s something you need to know for your own good, but you wouldn’t know until you join, which takes you back to no.1. Take a step back and re-evaluate everything before taking up the offer. Try getting more information by talking to a former or current employee and make sure you’ve done some proper research before you make up your mind with a certain decision. Not Being Able to Tie Roles into Strategy – Some companies start hiring for a position before giving any thought to how the job actually means to them. If the company doesn’t have a clear chart of the roles and responsibilities of a position and how it would be of value to the organization you’re getting hired for, it’s a clear indication that the position will soon be ephemeral. Getting the Offer Immediately – A clear indication that the company desperately wants to fill the position with whoever comes in first. It can also mean that the company has a high turnover for that particular position. While it can be a little annoying waiting for the right offer, it’s still best that you are certainly clear about how the company is the right fit for you before you jump in.

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