Small Home Office Layout Ideas That Support Productivity

Setting up a small office at home can be very rewarding, but only if the small home office layout supports adequate productivity. A lot of factors are considered before going for any of the home office layout ideas. You need to solve some puzzles and answer the accompanying questions such as if you would you be entertaining visitors. What kind of work materials are you expecting to use at your home office? Are you setting up a home office so that you could work remotely only on Wednesdays? And other factors poised to impact on your productivity by the time you’re done choosing a small office design layout idea.

Generally, the best small home office layout should support some basic features suitable in varied cases and equally support the work culture you wish to observe at your home office. It’s no longer an office layout where you consider employees or other team members before approving the type of chair/desk required, space for effective collaboration, and others.

Here are some small home office layout ideas that support productivity –

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Natural light and greenery

Lighting is a crucial factor to consider while making a choice of your small office design layout idea. Your desk should be aligned to face your window where you’d be able to have enough lighting that won’t affect your computer screen. If you need to reduce the lighting a bit without making the room dark, consider using translucent blinds. At the opposite, paint the walls of your small home office a light color and place a mirror on the wall to enhance the natural lighting. This will not only improve your productivity level by enabling more focus with natural light but support natural ventilation, which is essential for your health.

Create a meeting place

It’s ideal to create a place for meeting with clients, customers or someone you would be collaborating with briefly at your small home office. The necessary materials required to facilitate the meeting should be made available at the assigned space which should not be too far from your working desk. If you are planning to hold meetings when necessary in your home office, then consider placing at least 2 comfortable chairs.

Shelving and Storage

Most home office layout ideas have no provision for shelving and storage regardless of how important they are in any home office. You need to create a space for cupboards or filing cabinets for shelving and storage needs. Home office layout space for shelving should be determined by how much documents you would be willing to bring in. Also, consider placing the storage close to your desk for easy referencing and access to the materials.

Choose a comfortable desk and chair

Creativity and office chairs have a very strong relationship and this goes down to your productivity. Your home office design layout should support the best seating arrangement that promotes your work efficiency. Your desk should be wide enough for all your work materials, including your computer and reference materials. The table may be smaller if you’d be using a laptop. A 150cm wide desk with adjustable height is suitable for most people. Consider a chair that won’t put your neck and back into stress.

Other factors that would contribute slightly to your small home office layout include the technology you intend deploying, such as wireless router, printer, mouse, etc. Others are accessories such as your choice of artwork, flooring, and personal touches. In a nutshell, your home office layout is supposed to make you feel at home and at the same time conscious of work.

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