Social Phishing, are your employees aware?

Data Breach Prevention

Data breach prevention and employee safety arrive as an employer’s top priority as we enter 2016. Every day we come across some or the other company facing a million dollar lawsuit or PR black eye due to data breach. Following Sony scandal, it seems, recently, Uber data breach became a massive talk-of-the-town.

It is an employer’s duty to ensure that the employee information, which they hold, is kept secure by methods of data breach prevention.

The safety of an employee is very important for an organization, because no sensible employee would consider working under an organization, which cannot ensure their security and data breach prevention.

Here the lessons that an employer can learn for employee safety and data breach prevention.

#Train your employees

It is very significant that your employees are well-trained about methods to ensure data security. Address them with the importance of keeping complex passwords, not going through links sent by unknown senders, verification of sender, not providing sensitive information to anyone, etc.

Conduct training based on data security so that your employees are well aware about data mining and social phishing.

#Prompt Notification is Important

Addressing the significance of prompt notification to your employees is important. Ask them to immediately report the matter regarding any kind of data security, even if it is just a suspect.

Considering an early reporting is worth. It is important because many are hesitant to report due to negligence or their own error. In this age portable media resource, it is very crucial to practice the system of prompt notification within an organization.

#Practice Exclusivity

Promote such practices in your organization, in which your employees can only get an access to sensitive data during the times of a business need. Figure out ways to segment sensitive data like birth dates, social security numbers of the other basic data records. Collect only the required amount of data, which can be used for business purpose. The less data you collect, the less are the chances of heavy losses if a data breach takes place.

It is advised to employers that while you keep spending heaps of your valuable resources behind getting an effective hack-resistant system, it will be more beneficial and worthy for you if you simply train your employees with basic prevention elements.

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