Social Recruitment as a technique to hire effectively

Social Recruitment

Social recruitment is one of the most advanced techniques adopted by recruiters around the world. This hiring technique can boost the recruitment process by providing a pool of talented and qualified professionals.

Social recruitment is getting hike with increasing number of people using social platforms for job hunting. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook have more than 535 million combined users. That equals a great deal of potential for vacant positions in your company. In a survey of 1,855 recruiters, about 93% were already using or were planning to use social media platforms for recruitment purpose.

The reason for adopting social hiring is simple. In fact, it was found that the quality of candidates shortlisted using social media platforms was 44% better than those shortlisted using the traditional hiring methods like screening resumes for experience and skills.

Companies can leverage on social media for hiring better talent and here’s how it will be helpful:

Use social media to assess cultural fit

Recruiters have been using social media to weed out bad candidates based on their Facebook posts or tweets. However, social media is underrated when it comes to social recruitment. Social media gives better glimpse of candidates with their Facebook walls, Twitter feeds, and LinkedIn profiles. It would help you determine if the candidate will fit in your company’s culture. You may also get the information if the candidate is actively looking for a job.

In today’s world, there is no such thing as passive candidates especially millennials. Everyone is a candidate, all the time. People who are highly engaged in their profession and are connected to relevant companies are suitable for your company.

Use social media to enhance your social brand

Having a well defined social media brand can help you attract even the passive candidates. Candidates look for companies that provide various benefits and have an attractive social brand. Companies need to attract the right talent by selling their workplace through social media platforms.

If your company has a great workplace culture, enable employees to evangelize on social platforms. Let your employees tweet and blog about the office environment and working methods. You can allow employees to engage with company’s official Facebook page. The most effective way of finding suitable candidate is by employee’s word of mouth that the company provides a great workplace. A survey shows that more than 65% candidates consider taking a new job if it comes from a personal connection.

Use social media to announce vacancy

Recruiters can use social media platforms to advertise the open positions. They can mention the required qualification and skills to draw the attention of candidates. A company may get enough audience if it is connected with many professionals from its field. Companies can find the suitable candidate just by tweeting the requirement or through a Facebook post. Social hiring helps recruiters to hire better talent with lesser cost.

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