Some Unusual And Weird Jobs : Some Like It Odd

In 2009, Queensland Tourism advertised for the best job in the world—to house-sit an island on the Great Barrier Reef. Job Description was to swim, snorkel, fish and record these daily activities based in a multi-million dollar villa with a humungous salary. It attracted a lot of applicants, and only one lucky winner. Such jobs may be one in a million, but there are many other such opportunities waiting to be grabbed or created that could be the envy of many. Here we list out some of the odd, creative and plain weird jobs that are available out there.

Weird Jobs

Weird Jobs, Unusual And Funny Jobs

Most Weird Jobs

Pizza Consultant This may not seem odd but sure is tailor-made for anyone who is interested in travelling, eating and experimenting with food. Pizza consultants measure the freshness of the cheese, the bubbles on its, choose the right sauce for the ingredients used, and more. You do need some expertise in the kitchen for it to work for you. There are also pizzeria management courses that one can do. But it sounds fun and an exciting way to experience the world.

Professional Snuggler Not strangely, there is a demand for people who provide some human warmth in the form of snuggles and hugs. Individuals and companies are offering such services. One can earn between $60-80 for an hour. Bear in mind only snuggles and hugs are on offer and nothing more.

Paper towel sniffer Paper towels come with a pleasant fragrance are sans any. The decision is made by professionals employed by manufacturers of paper towels. They need to ensure that no unsavory odor lingers over the paper towels. It is a very niche segment, and not everyone makes the grade. The salary ranges from $19,000 to $50,000 a year.

Face feelers They are employed by skincare companies to find out if their products have really improved the skin of customers. The job description is as sensory scientists. They are trained to come to objective conclusions about product usage. There are sensory testing standards, and people are required to train for a certain period before they can qualify. A highly developed tactile sense is compulsory. Training involves recognizing gels, valves, and cream strength. They make roughly $25 to $45 and an hour depending on experience. It is still not a full-time profession but can be done part-time.

Unusual Jobs

Line Standers If you are one of those people who need to buy the latest gadget on the day of its release or want to see a popular movie on the first day, you can hire a professional quer to stand in line to get the gadget or the tickets to the show. Sometimes people stand in line for 12 hours for a sale or a gadget, and this can be a viable alternative. You can negotiate depending on your paying abilities and desperation to get the device. Snake

Milker It definitely is an odd and dangerous task to undertake. Their job is to extract snake venom from captured snakes for research and for medical purposes ( anti-venom). Snake milkers are trained in the extraction procedure, but still, it is a dangerous job, and all precautions need to be in place. It is tedious meticulous and dangerous work. It takes hundreds of milkings of snakes to get a vial of venom. They make around $30,000 a year.

Armpit sniffer I can see the scrunching up of the nose here. But they do have a demand in the deodorant industry. Armpit sniffers ensure the quality of the product. They spend time sniffing armpits to ensure that no foul smell emanates from the deo product on test after use. They can test unto 60 armpits an hour. You need to have strong olfactory senses for the job. It is a rewarding job if you do not mind an odour overdose. Some people make upto $2 million annually testing deos on people’s skin folds.

Professional lice removers There may be many moms out there going 

WHAT!!! But yes, you can outsource this eeky task to a professional. Mostly employed by hair salons, the delousers make house calls if needed. It is a painstaking job and usually takes 4 to 5 hours. The investment is basic, a fine toothcomb, gloves, plastic covers, and as a last resort, a lice shampoo. You can fix your charges hourly. But it is easy to make a neat packet if you do not mind the eew factor.

Bed Tester – They are employed to test mattresses and pillows for the manufacturers and in the hospitality industry. Yes, one is paid to sleep on the job. But it is not an easy task. You need to find the correct softness or hardness and all the dips and slips of the said mattress. There are no specific qualifications required, but you need to be fit and able to do all the laying and sitting around. The salary ranges from $30,000-$40,000.

Full-time Netflix viewer This might be a dream job for some. Netflix hires people to view their content before publishing to tag and categorize it under the right heading correctly. They view the content and assign it under the correct category of romantic, comedy, drama, suspense etc. No salary details could be found, but to be paid to watch content is in itself a reward.

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