Some Resume Action Verbs That Showcase Your Talent

Spruce up your resume with these powerful action verbs. When writing job descriptions, always use resume action verbs to describe your responsibilities and accomplishments.

It is a competitive job market out there. The pandemic, declining economy and job cuts due to businesses facing falling revenues have led many people to look for placements in a tight market.

People are busy sending out resumes in the hopes of scoring a hit. But in such a competitive market, one needs to stand out. And your resume is your first introduction to your prospective employer.

Nowadays, applicant tracking systems or ATS is used to weed out a large number of applications, and when your resume finally makes it into someone’s hands, it typically gets just a 15-second glance, according to Human Resources and hiring managers.

Many people make mistakes in writing their resumes that ensure they are forever lost in the cyber world.

powerful resume action verbs

Your resume can be a door opener, or a career stopper depending on how you write it. Some people use the one size fits all type of CVs, which are sent out every day as a ritual.

There is no thought given to the job title, whether it fits the requirements, is it edited and proofread? How long is it?

Are there appropriate sub-heads?

Action Verbs for Your Resume

It is most important to note that you word your resume appropriately. Customize it to suit the job. Look for the keywords that the company has used in its job description.

Secondly, look for appropriate modifiers and descriptive adjectives that are common in the field and make you stand out.

And most importantly, use powerful resume action verbs that denote your skills and ability to perform a job. They add power to your sentences. And, do not overuse “I” on the résumé. Powerful action verbs and short impact sentences gather more attention.

Here are some action verb examples to go with various job descriptions:

Managerial Skills: Supervised an energetic team of 5 engineers rather than “worked with.”

While describing your managerial and leadership skills, try to use resume action verbs like prioritized, established, enforced, inspected, recommended, strengthened, tutored, enhanced, delegated, led, reinforce and augmented.

Organizational Skills: Being able to implement and carry out tasks is something that any employer will cherish in a future employee. “I spearheaded the transition of the office from grid-based electricity to solar power.”

Action Verbs: Implemented, initiated, forefront, fore, vanguard, navigated, directed.

This sentence highlights your qualities as an organizer. Showcase similar acts, events or changes organized and implemented under you.

Mentoring Skills: Person who can lead by example and show the way to a team is a valuable asset. With strong action words like enabled, facilitated, motivated, coached, advised, evaluated, adapted, you can show that you can be and were the to-go person for any problem.

Research Skills: “I delved into the problems and came up with prior case scenarios that could be replicated and completed the project before time” or “I experimented with various possibilities and delivered the project in record time with proper analysis.” 

This clearly brings out your research skills. Use of action words like identified, extracted, delved, interviewed, solved, examined, investigated, systematized, diagnosed, explored, evaluated, probed etc. must be used while speaking about your projects.

Communication Skills: Effective communication skills are an essential part of todays’s work world. You need to convey what you can do or carry out convincingly and succinctly. When you use words like collaborated, consulted, arbitrated, communicated, debated, negotiated, convinced, discussed, articulated, in your resume or CV, you convey the message that you believe in the power of teamwork.

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