Someone Has Been Stealing My Bagels Work!

Dear Jane, I’m quite open about being a celiac. To avoid cross-contamination, I even stock up my own snacks and meals at the office. When I’m taking a client out for lunch, I make it a point to pick a restaurant where I can order a gluten-free meal. By far, everyone I know has been very considerate towards my needs. In my place of work, my manager is very supportive and understanding. Even my co-workers are very understanding of my dietary limitations. To celebrate a special event like birthday my co-workers will bring in gluten-free brownies, cakes and cookies. Lately, someone has been stealing all of my gluten-free food.

A week ago my girlfriend made me gluten-free bagels which I was really looking forward to eating at work. They weren’t just stupid gluten-free bagels, they were bagels that my girlfriend made because she knows how much I love them. In fact, this happened three days in a row. It really messed me up. I want to talk to the HR, but I don’t know if I want someone to get fired because of me.

Shall I just let this go, until someone else catches this thief deer in headlights?

Stealing My Bagels At Work

ANSWER: Stealing My Bagels Work

I firmly believe that stealing is ethically wrong, especially in this case. By stealing someone else’s food, that person is robbing someone’s meal of the day. That person’s mother or wife might have woken up early in the morning to prepare the meal for him. I feel that you should inform the HR about this matter and tell them the incident honestly. Even if someone else catches him, they may have to face the consequences eventually. Then it’s better if you report about it soon. The HR will take care of this incident tactfully and might even let him go with a warning.

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